Built in 2014 in collaboration with the Stanford University Graduate School of Education, the FabLab@School is a unique making space that students use to bring their ideas to life. Equipped with an extensive suite of materials and tools, including 3D Printers and a laser cutter, the FabLab has been integrated into the curriculum to ensure our students are the forefront of technology and design.

Recently, two makers from the United States worked with Lauriston as a part of the 'Tinkerers in Residence' program. Jaymes Dec, from the Marymout School of New York, worked with the students of Senior School to create 'magic' nightlights; when flipped over, these cuboids light up and reveal a message the girls designed and created with the laser cutter. Jaymes also taught the girls how to solder and create the inner machinations of their lights.

The girls of the Junior School worked with Anna Keune, a Graduate Research Assistant and PhD student and Indiana University. Over the course of one week, the students each created their own ePuppet, combining textiles with electronics. 


My penguin puppet glows #tinkerers #grade5

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Other projects run in Lauriston’s FabLab:

  • Preps used iPads to design pyramids as a part of their cross disciplinary study looking at history, maths (3D shapes) and design. Their designs were cut out on the laser cutter.
  • To strengthen their understanding of Chinese characters, girls in Grade 1 and 4 used an online drawing tool and the laser cutter to fashion unfamiliar words.
  • The immigration unit studied in Year 6 encouraged girls to design and create an interpretation of a ‘special item’ different cultures would have brought to Australia. 
  • The Year 10 STEM elective requires students to design, build and enhance a miniature sustainable house over a semester which incorporates computerisation through Arduino Boards and other FabLab tools.