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Lauriston Girls’ School, established in 1901, is an independent girls’ school with a fine history of academic achievement and innovative programs.

Lauriston is one of Australia’s leading schools and is committed to excellence in girls’ education. The School offers the VCE and International Baccalaureate, a remote campus experience at Year 9, the Reggio Emilia inspired programme in Kindergarten and a team of highly professional and dedicated teachers from Kindergarten to Year 12.

To learn more about growing your career at Lauriston, please contact Cathy Tan on (03) 9864 7555.

Employer of Choice for Gender Equality Citation

Statement by Susan Just - Principal

I am pleased to announce that Lauriston Girls’ School is one of 75 organisations to have achieved a WGEA Employer of Choice for Gender Equality Citation. In fact, Lauriston was one of two schools to achieve the citation and the only girls’ school.

Our School been the recipient of Citations over the last five or more years, but with changes to reporting for 2014, the expected level of performance was raised, thus making our 2014 Citation even more pleasing.

We are required as part of the WGEA performance expectations to provide information about our workplace practices within our organisation to achieve gender equity and I was interviewed in the second part of the process, once our documentation had been received by WGEA.

The Director of WGEA, Helen Conway, said in her press release that organisations must undertake sustained and multi-faceted interventions to address structural and cultural barriers that prevent men and women from equally participating at all levels of an organisation.

As a girls’ school we believe it is important to have structures in our workplace which support gender equity. We value our staff and provide equal access for women and men to achieve positions of responsibility within our School. We have offered flexible work arrangements to both women and men in our School to support them with the needs of their families or changing life circumstances.

We expect that our girls should be able to participate equally in the workforce they will enter into after completing their tertiary studies. We also expect that they will be paid the same salary as their male counterparts. With this in mind, our School should be role modelling these principles for our students.

I am committed to maintaining fair and productive workplace practices with pay equity as a key component. I am committed to ensuring women and men who do work of equal or comparable value receive the same remuneration. The majority of staff at Lauriston are paid in accordance with the School’s collective agreement which ensures all staff are paid equally on the basis of qualifications, skills, and years of experience rather than gender.  At Lauriston we periodically undertake a gender pay gap analysis to ensure that any identified instances of pay inequity are addressed.

I and the rest of the Executive team encourage all staff, regardless of gender, to work in non-traditional roles. We actively support the development of women in non-traditional roles such as IT, Finance and Property and we also encourage the development of men in non-traditional areas such as early childhood and primary teaching.

I would like to remind staff that the School offers and provides flexible working practices for all employees such as part time employment and job share arrangements. We currently have a number of staff who work in a part time capacity and as part of formal job share arrangements. I would encourage you to speak with me or a member of the Executive team if you would like to explore flexible working arrangements further.

I would welcome feedback and suggestions in regards to how we can further identify and address gender equality issues at Lauriston Girls’ School.

Susan Just sig

Susan Just

October 24, 2014