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Vision & Mission

At Lauriston, we see education as a journey. Our five core values are embedded in this educational journey.

1. Relationships

Assuming that all schools value learning as a socially implicit value, the Lauriston difference lies in believing (and knowing) that the best learning occurs when the teacher-learner relationship is well established.

On a larger scale, learning how to establish a broad range of tolerant relationships, irrespective of status, race, culture, is a fundamental life skill.

2. Courage

A quality essential to every aspect of the human condition. Courage to ask, courage to act independently, courage to think differently, courage to face physical and moral challenges and the courage to make decisions.

3. Creative Reflection

This is a value which is the powerhouse for any kind of problem-solving. It is generally a whole brain activity accessing the conjunction of the rational and the aesthetic.

4. Intellectual Enquiry For Understanding

Learning is an implicit value in a school. Essentially every human being can and does learn, but may not necessarily understand. To be a lifelong learner one must value 'how' and 'why' not only 'what'.

5. Engagement In Life

Progressive engagement: through projects and play with teams and games with community issues and giving with a sense of national spirit with international awareness with an ethical and moral life 'Engagement' to suggest delighted enjoyment, rather than dutiful commitment.