Current Scholarships

Year 10 and 11 2017

The Belinda Phillips Goldman Sachs Memorial Scholarship
New Students

This scholarship will be awarded to a student new to Lauriston in 2017 who is an 'all-rounder'; that is, that they have passion for both the academic and the sporting fields. 

More information, including testing date and final date for applications, coming soon. 

Past Scholarships

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Important Information

  • Scholarships are available to current Lauriston students and new students entering Lauriston 
  • Overseas students on full fee paying student visas are not eligible to apply for these scholarships
  • All applicants must sit the annual scholarship exam. Scholarships are awarded based on several factors which may include performance in the annual scholarship exam, interview with the Principal, review of academic results and provision of a portfolio of work
  • Scholarships are partial scholarships and scholarship exam results from other schools are not able to be transferred to Lauriston’s Scholarship program
  • All scholarships are awarded on the basis that the scholarship recipient will complete their education at Lauriston Girls' School. If a student is withdrawn from the school early all scholarship funds awarded must be repaid in full. The Principal may reconsider this requirement if the student withdrawal is the result of circumstances beyond the family’s control
  • All scholarships are subject to annual review to confirm that the high academic and behaviour standards expected of a scholarship student have been maintained. Failure to meet school expectations in either academic performance or behaviour may result in the discontinuation of the scholarship. Please note that an invitation to attend a scholarship interview or participate in an audition does not necessarily mean that the candidate is offered a scholarship
  • For more information on scholarship applications, please contact the Registrar’s Office on T: 03 9864 7555 or E: