Lauriston Girls' School provides scholarships to maintain and improve the very high standards of academic work, arts and music performance by recruiting and retaining outstanding students. Past achievements and future promise are considered when awarding scholarships. All applicants should have excellent academic ability and must display qualities consistent with the ethos of the school.

Scholarships are available to current Lauriston students and new students entering Lauriston that year.

Overseas students on full fee paying student visas are not eligible to apply for these scholarships.

Scholarships are awarded based on several factors which may include performance in the annual scholarship exam, interview with the Principal, review of academic results and provision of a portfolio of work.

Scholarships are partial scholarships and scholarship exam results from other schools are not able to be transferred to Lauriston’s Scholarship program.

For more information on scholarship applications, please contact the Registrar’s Office on T: 03 9864 7555 or E: 

Scholarships offered for 2016 commencement


Academic/General Excellence Scholarships - Years 5, 7, 10

These scholarships are awarded on the basis of above average results achieved in the annual scholarship examination and school reports and an interview. 

These scholarships are open to students entering or currently studying at Lauriston.

Music Scholarships - Years 5, 7 and 10

These scholarships are awarded on the basis of high results achieved in the annual scholarship examination and school reports, an audition and an interview. The final decision is made after all factors, including the audition and interview, are taken into consideration.

These scholarships are open to students entering or currently studying at Lauriston.

Students applying for a Music Scholarship must be studying at least one instrument at the following minimum AMEB Grade:

  • Year 5: AMEB Grade 4 for Piano and Violin, AMEB Grade 3 for other instruments (Voice scholarships are not offered at Year 5).
  • Year 7: AMEB Grade 5 for Piano and Violin. AMEB Grade 4 for other instruments.
  • Year 10: AMEB Grade 7 for Piano and Violin.. AMEB Grade 6 for other instruments.
  • Voice students should be prepared to present pieces at approx. AMEB Grade 1 for Year 7 and AMEB Grade 3 for Year 10.

Completion of an AMEB examination is not necessary to gain a Music Scholarship, but students need to present a repertoire of the appropriate standard at their audition.

Auditions require the student to:

  • perform two contrasting works no easier than the minimum standard for their main instrument and year level
  • perform one piece on their second instrument (if applicable)
  • complete sight reading and aural tests
  • provide copies of AMEB certificates and/or other documentation.

Music Scholarship students must also commit to participate and perform in the Lauriston ensembles and/or choirs.

The Lauriston Foundation Scholarship (New Student)

Established with the generous support of our donors, the Scholarship provides financial assistance to a student who would otherwise be unable to experience a Lauriston education. This Scholarship will be awarded for a student commencing Year 10 or Year 11 in 2016. It will contribute substantially towards tuition costs for the duration of the Scholarship. Shortlisted candidates will be required to fill out a financial questionnaire.

These scholarships are awarded only to new students entering Lauriston in 2016.

Principal’s Howqua Leadership Grants 2016

Grants to join Lauriston Girls’ School for our unique Year 9 experience in 2016 will be awarded to exceptional young women with leadership, academic and personal potential. This is an opportunity for outstanding candidates to develop leadership skills, independence and resilience. Grants will contribute to the tuition and residential fee for our Year 9 experience in 2016. Successful candidates will also be considered for Year 10-12 Scholarships which are awarded in early 2016. These grants are open to new students to the School.

Principal’s Scholars Scholarships - 7, 10 and 11 (Current and New Students)

Principal’s Scholars Scholarships may be offered to applicants in 7, 10 and 11 subject to their exceptional performance in the annual scholarship examination held in February. Offered at the discretion of the Principal in the areas of science and maths, visual arts and performing arts.

Scholarships will be valid until Year 12 providing that academic performance and progress are maintained at an outstanding standard.

Additional Information


All scholarships are awarded on the basis that the scholarship recipient will complete their education at Lauriston Girls' School. If a student is withdrawn from the school early all scholarship funds awarded must be repaid in full. The Principal may reconsider this requirement if the student withdrawal is the result of circumstances beyond the family’s control.

All scholarships are subject to annual review to confirm that the high academic and behaviour standards expected of a scholarship student have been maintained. Failure to meet school expectations in either academic performance or behaviour may result in the discontinuation of the scholarship. Please note that an invitation to attend a scholarship interview or participate in an audition does not necessarily mean that the candidate is offered a scholarship. 

How to Apply


Scholarship applications for 2016 commencement are now closed and we will welcome applicants for 2017 in December of this year. The above scholarships are what have been awarded for 2016 and can be used as a guide for 2017.

Once applications are open, applicants are asked to complete the following steps.

Step 1:

Register via the Academic Assessment Services website

Step 2:

Applicants must then forward the following documents to the Registrar

  • Most recent school report
  • Most recent NAPLAN results
  • A clear and recent photograph of the applicant
  • Details of the applicant's student achievements in Sport or Visual Arts
  • Any other relevant supporting documentation

Step 3:

Applicants must ensure that they provide copies only and also note that documents cannot be returned. All documents supplied must clearly identify the applicant.

Documents must be received by the application closing date and posted to:

The Registrar
Lauriston Girls' School
38 Huntingtower Road
Armadale VIC 3143

Late applications are accepted at the School’s discretion and will incur an additional late application charge.

Step 4:

Applicants must ensure that they have paid the Scholarship Application fee of $100 via the online academic process or a cheque mailed to Academic Assessment Services in order for the application to be considered.

If applications are late, applications must provide both the Application fee and the late application Charge of $160.

Once registered for the scholarship exam, applicants will be provided with more information closer to the date.

Applicants will be notified of the outcome within 4-6 weeks of the scholarship exam date.