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School Policies

The following School Policies may be downloaded as PDF files.

Privacy Policy

This document outlines the School's policy on how it uses and manages personal information.

Kindergarten Anaphylaxis Policy

Read our anaphylaxis management policy for Kindergarten.

Anaphylaxis Policy

What is Anaphylaxis? Read our anaphylaxis management policy.

Anaphylaxis Communication Plan

Communicating our Anaphylaxis Policy to the School community.

Drug Policy

The Drug Policy provides guidance and support to assist in both educational planning and appropriate responses to incidents involving illicit substances. While we strive with educational programs, pastoral care and the raising of awareness to promote an environment free of illicit substances, we also recognise the need to educate students in relation to harm minimisation. This policy has been developed through a consultative process involving staff, students, parents and health professionals.

Sun Protection Policy

This policy aims to promote among students, staff and parents:

• Positive attitudes towards skin protection

• Lifestyle practices that can help reduce the incidence of skin cancer

• Personal responsibility for, and decision making about, skin protection.

Respectful Relationships Policy

The School's policy on managing bullying and harassment.

Head Lice Policy

This school policy is intended to outline roles, responsibilities and expectations of the School community to assist with treating and controlling head lice in a consistent and coordinated manner.

Extreme Weather Policy

For the purpose of this policy, ‘Extreme Weather Days’ include days where the temperature is predicted to exceed 36°C.

Child Protection Policy (Mandatory Reporting)

Under the national Framework for Protecting Australia's Children (2006), protecting children is everyone's responsibility.

Homework and Home Learning Guidelines

Read about our Homework and Home Learning guidelines