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Lauriston is one of Australia’s leading schools and is committed to excellence in girls’ education. The School offers the VCE and International Baccalaureate and a remote campus experience at Year 9. In 2010 Lauriston became the first independent school accredited to deliver the Australian Developmental Curriculum (ADC), a program which is currently implemented at Prep and Year 1. The ADC is a student-centred learning approach that ensures a smooth transition from our Kindergarten, which draws upon the philosophies of Reggio Emilia.  Our K-12 teaching team is highly professional and dedicated to our students.

From outstanding professional development and leadership programs to best practice policies for women and families, Lauriston Girls’ School is a real employer of choice in the education sector. At Lauriston, our teachers are in a class of their own.


A summary of policies and practices safeguarding children at Lauriston Girls’ School- Download information

Prospective employees should download and read the following document - Information Collection Notice For Applicants