At Lauriston Girls' School we understand choice and the power of learning from the best.

Our goal is to connect students with choice and best‑practice teaching and learning; we work daily to bring local and international connections back to Lauriston.

Whether it's working with Stanford University's Graduate School of Education to establish Australia’s first FabLab@School at Lauriston or developing an expert speaker series for our parent community, the needs of our students are always top of mind.

At Lauriston we teach girls to be intrepid, to ask questions and to 'give everything a go'. It's important for our students to understand that we learn equally from our successes and our mistakes. With mistakes, we teach our students to go back and try again, to consider the process and have another go; with success we look at what aided the result and how we can apply that learning to other parts of our life. 

Learning is a constant process that doesn't end with the submission of an assignment or the passing of an exam. At Lauriston 'success' is never the end of the story, it’s a launch pad towards new discoveries, innovation and understanding.

As Principal, it is an honour to work with parents and their daughters as they navigate the many choices that present themselves at every level of schooling. These are choices about the educational journey their daughter will take, choices about the environment she learns in and the educators who will inspire her.

I look forward to working with your family as you consider the choices available to you and the individual needs of your daughter.

I look forward to welcoming you to Lauriston.

Susan Just
Lauriston Girls School