Your daughter will thrive in an all-girls school

For more than 100 years Lauriston has been committed to the education of girls. We are firm believers in the benefits of single-sex education and use various techniques to draw out the best in girls as a group or individual.

It's what we do all day, every day.

We recognise that the choice to educate your child in a single-sex environment is an important one and a decision that means knowing how Lauriston works. The teaching and support staff are well trained and experienced to foster a positive learning environment for girls.

Lauriston understands how girls think, grow and develop differently to boys so has structured the School to best meet girls’ needs.

We know in the Junior Years from Prep to Grade 2, the girls need teachers to encourage and nurture them. They need to feel liked. They want to fit in and be an integral part of the class. They want to do well. Lauriston ensures all girls mix with everyone. When they do class investigations or tasks, it is with a different girl so a variety of friendships can flourish. Many girls like to be prepared so Lauriston teachers provide them with a summary of the day and information ahead of time.

In the later years of Junior School, we know girls do well in group work but the groups have to be structured in a way that suits everyone. Teachers ensure every girl is assigned specific tasks and are given feedback on their work. They are also encouraged to play a range of sports and participate in the creative arts.

In the early years of Senior School, it is important to build the girls’ self-motivation and confidence. At Lauriston, we have created an inclusive and open environment in which girls can take risks. We give them plenty of access to technology and hands-on learning. Teachers use worded problems and visuals to teach mathematics and a FabLearn Lab to create new inventions.

We also introduce them to a range of positive role models so they understand what women do and the many ways they can make a positive contribution to life.

Lauriston has a unique Year 9 program at Howqua. It has been specifically designed for adolescent girls and sets out to challenge, build resilience and develop empathy for others. The girls have two homes for the year because they board for blocks of four weeks each term. They study a full academic program and participate in extensive outdoor activities according to the season such as skiing and canoeing.

In the final years of school, the senior girls are encouraged to be leaders and are given a voice on many issues affecting their school lives. Girls need quiet time despite being social so we have a dedicated common room.

When Lauriston girls finish, they are ready for life and are more connected to one another.

Girls who study at an all girls’ school also have stronger academic results than any other group in Australia.

The best way to see girls-only education in action at Lauriston is to tour the school and meet and talk to students and teachers.

Connect with Lauriston Girls' School and book into one of our open mornings today.

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