International Enrolments

At Lauriston, students from many countries and backgrounds join together to benefit from an outstanding academic and extra-curricular program.

International students join the School throughout the year, and our priority is to ensure that students experience a smooth transition to the School.

Our international and local students together join a vibrant school community. International students have the opportunity to experience Australian education while being encouraged to share their own international experiences.

 Lauriston accepts international students from Year 5 -12, although students below Year 7 entry level must be accompanied in Australia by a parent or close relative. The minimum age for enrolment of an overseas student in homestay accommodation is 13 years.

The international student enrolment process is outlined below

International students require a student visa to study in Australia, obtained from an Australian Embassy or High Commission.

Step 1 - Application

As the first step in the enrolment process, parents will be required to complete the Application for Admission form. In addition, an application fee of $100 (non-refundable) for those on a temporary resident’s visa or $300.00 for those on a student visa (please note this fee will be charged per application).

Alternatively, an Application for Admission may apply through one of Lauriston’s international agents

Before beginning an application, please have the following documents ready

  • A copy of the student’s two most recent reports
  • AEAS English test results (if available)
  • A copy of the student’s and parent’s visas (if available)
  • A copy of the student’s passport
  • A copy of the student’s birth certificate

Please note that an application is a prerequisite for admission but not a guarantee of enrolment.

AEAS Entrance Test Requirements

International applicants, for whom English is a second language, must sit an entrance test administered by Australian Education Assessment Services (AEAS).

AEAS test results provide detail regarding the student’s proficiency in English and is one of the measures of the candidate’s suitability. The table below is a guide to scores for entry.

Year Level of Entry

 Minimum Application Score

 Minimum Application Score

Stanine Scores 

Year 4 - 6
26 or higher (6 - 12 weeks language)
46 or higher
5 or higher
Year 7 - 8
46 or higher (8 - 12 weeks language)
71 or higher
5 or higher
Year 8 Term 3* (for Year 9)
61 or higher (4 - 8 weeks language)
80 or higher
5 or higher
Year 10
61 or higher (8 - 12 weeks language)
80 or higher
5 or higher
Year 11
70 or higher (4 - 8 weeks language)
80 or higher
7 or higher

*Students applying for entry into Year 9 must commence in Year 8, Term 3 due to our Howqua Program.

The AEAS test may be completed in your home country and should be completed within 12 months of submitting your application.

Please note that:

  • Academic results need to be of a good standard with at least a B achieved in English.
  • Copies of documents cannot be returned.

Step 2 - Outcome

If the application is successful the School will request an enrolment interview. This can be completed via Skype or Zoom if the student is overseas. On successful completion of the interview, the School will issue a letter of offer.

At this point the following will be required:

  • Details of where the student will be residing. Students on a 500 student visa will be appointed a guardian at no cost with ISA Guardian and Welfare Services. To ensure their wellbeing, all students, regardless if they are over 18, are required to have a guardian if they do not live with their parents.
  • An admission fee of A$1,250 per student or A$2,500 per family.
  • Payment of one semester of tuition fees.

Step 3 - Student Visa

Once all relevant documents and fees are received, the school will issue a confirmation of enrolment letter and an eCOE (required by the student to obtain a student visa).

It is the responsibility of the students and their families to apply for and renew visas.

Further information can be found at

Step 4 - Orientation

Your child will be welcomed to Lauriston Girls’ School through our Orientation Program to ensure a smooth transition at the school.

If you have a question about our enrolment process, please refer to our FAQ, Enrolment Policy and Annual Fees and Charges below:

Contact Admissions

For further information please contact the Admissions Office

T: +61 3 9864 7555