Being a Lauriston girl does not stop when you graduate; instead, you become an important part of the fabric of this School as an Old Girl for life and member of the Old Lauristonians’ Association (OLA).

During our school years, we build some of our strongest bonds and make unforgettable memories. We want you to stay connected and welcome you to our various events throughout the year where you can network, meet and learn with your Lauriston peers. The school also holds a number of reunions every year, so we encourage you to keep your eyes out for all invitations - it’s a wonderful way to stay connected.


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If you have any questions or comments, do not hesitate to contact Kate Nixon the Alumnae Coordinator at


Upcoming events

Together the OLA and School hold several events. Below are some of the 2018 events however we also hold morning teas and Senior Old Girl (50+ OLA) functions throughout the year so please keep your eyes out for all event information and invitations.

2018 Reunions

Graduating year Reunion Date
Class of 2008 10 years Friday 20 April
Class of 1988 30 years Friday 27 April
Class of 1998 20 years Friday 11 May
Class of 1993 25 years Friday 1 June
Class of 1963 55 years Wednesday 25 July
Class of 1958 60 years Wednesday 15 August
Class of 1978 40 years Friday 24 August
Class of 2011 10 years (Howqua) Sunday 21 October (please note date correction)
Class of 1968 50 years Thursday 29 November

2018 Breakfasts, morning teas and other events

Event Date
ANZAC Day Assembly Friday 27 April
Health and wellbeing Breakfast Thursday 14 June
Life Series Breakfast  Cancelled
Senior Old Girls' (SOGs) Music Lunch Wednesday 10 October
OLA/LPA Golf Day Monday 29 October


OLA Committee and Purpose

The OLA committee meets four times a year where we work with the school to develop meaningful connections and initiatives that will engage, connect and provide support to our community. We look to foster lasting and meaningful relationships with our Lauriston community for life.


The mission of the OLA is to engage, connect and support.


To work with the School in bringing together inspiring events that will encourage our alumni, old and new to attend professional, philanthropic and social events.


To stay connected with OLA alumni and engage with our current students in order to maintain and foster meaningful relationships.


Together with the School we will provide a supportive network for all OLA by listening and growing with the changing needs of our members.


OLA Committee

President Mel Rea (Class of 1995)
Vice President Fiona Finster (Class of 1991)
Secretary Alex Harvey (Class of 2002)
Treasurer Xing Zhang (Class of 2000)
Committee members Pip Duncan (Class of 1990)
Sophie Rice (Class of 1985)
Juliette Tan (Class of 1984)
Anna Wilson (Class of 1990)
Kate Wipfli (Class of 2000)

If you would like to learn more about the committee and opportunities to get involved contact us at