A vast body of women from all walks of life make up the Old Lauristonians' Association (OLA) with one thing that binds - a common past.

The OLA was established in 1913 to provide past students with opportunities to maintain friendships, participate in a range of interest groups and to support Lauriston.

The OLA plays a vital role in maintaining links with the past, enriching the present and building for the future. This includes:

  • supporting many bursaries and scholarships for students in the Junior and Senior School
  • working with the School to host a number of reunions
  • keeping past students informed about the latest news and activities at the School through multiple channels including the website, Facebook, LinkedIn and the eNewsletter
  • engaging with current Lauriston students to provide advice, guidance and mentoring.

Connect with the OLA

If you are an Old Lauristonian looking to (re)connect with friends from your school days and catch-up on School news, the OLA online community is the best place to start.

Here you can register to be a member and then share your news and photos, keep up-to-date with reunions and events and participate in our mentoring program for current Lauriston students.

Register here

Meet the OLA Committee

The OLA has a committee that represents all past students. The Committee meets throughout the year to continue the work of the OLA and to plan activities to suit all age groups and interests.

The OLA will continue to ensure that the connections between the past and the present are maintained, that the history created is not forgotten and that future memories are continually made.

Old Lauristonians' Committee
Kate Wipfli 2000 President
Elise Gillespie 1999 Vice President
Xing Zhang 2000 Treasurer
Melinda Rea 1995 Secretary
Libby Reid 1966 OLA Council Rep
Prudy Barker 2000 OLA Council Rep
Vicki Redwood 1971 OLA Foundation Rep
Juliette Lee 1984 LPA Committee Rep
Fiona Finster 1991 LPA Committee Rep

Committee Members
Denise Beaurepaire 1967  
Sophie Rice 1985  
Pip Duncan 1990  


The OLA Committee is always looking for additional members to help support its activities. Interested Old Lauristonians' are asked to email the OLA office for more information - E: ola@lauriston.vic.edu.au