The are many reasons to give to the annual appeal in 2017 including a new Foundation scholarship called the Creative and Performing Arts Scholarship. Whatever your reason, we thank you for giving.

Please complete the form below to process credit card donations to the Lauriston Foundation. For all other payment types, including direct transfers or cheque, please contact the School on 9864 7555.

On completion of this page, you will be taken to our secure, Commonwealth Bank payment portal to process the transaction. All donations over $2 are tax deductible. Please note when using the bPoint payment portal:

  • Type the name of the fund you are donating to (e.g. scholarship) in the 'Account ID / Inv no / Fund' field
  • Type 'Donation' in the 'Additional Info' field
  • To submit your payment with bPoint, click on the logo of your preferred payment option (MasterCard, Visa or MasterPass)

If you have any questions or are encountering any difficulties donating online, either through this form or bPoint, please call the School on 9864 7555.

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