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It's Her Turn

The It's Her Turn campaign introduces an ambitious five-year Masterplan to further Lauriston's aspiration as an outstanding school for life. Starting in 2018, our three-stage precinct plan will take energy, inspiration and great support from our community to reach fruition.

This marks a milestone moment for our School that will culminate in enormous benefits for our girls - now and for generations to come.

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The Elizabeth Kirkhope Circle

Bequests are the most effective way of providing benefits for future generations. Bequests may be a share of an estate, cash, items of personal property or real estate. Anyone who commits to leaving a bequest to the School becomes a member of the Elizabeth Kirkhope Circle.

Miss Elizabeth Kirkhope past student, teacher and principal (1933-1964) of Lauriston Girls’ School, was an integral influence in helping develop something special. The Elizabeth Kirkhope Circle, named in her honour ensures we can continue to educate, nurture and empower generations of young women to serve and shape their world.

Over the years, Lauriston has been the grateful recipient of bequests. Examples can be seen of collective bequests have been used to help create essential components of the School, including the 7/8 Centre (Lilian Bayley, 1930); Sarah Hollyer House at Howqua (Sarah Hollyer, 1967) and the photographic studio (Merrin Tegner, 1964).

Lauriston would like to be able to acknowledge and thank the people who confirm a bequest in their lifetime and give them the recognition they deserve. This will be done through the Elizabeth Kirkhope Circle.

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Tax-deductible funds

The Gift of Education

Scholarship Fund

Lauriston Girls’ School is focussed on supporting young girls so that they have the opportunity to attend Lauriston in their Senior College years. Through the Scholarship program, these girls receive a life-changing gift.

Together we can work together and invest in a future of strong girls who will become women to take on the world.

An education is a powerful gift, and the impact is expressed beautifully by the girls who have been given a Lauriston Scholarship. “Lauriston will support me, empower me and encourage me to where I want to go in life, ” Says Sally* who is embracing all the opportunities available to her. When Miss Just gave me the International Baccalaureate booklet at the scholarship interview, I knew that’s what I wanted to do.” Says Caroline* who has always dreamt of changing the world through a career in medicine. *Names have been changed

If you would like to explore the possibility of a named scholarship (endowed or fixed term) or would like to make a significant gift to a particular scholarship fund, please contact Marina Johnson on 03 9864 7555 or

All donations to the Scholarship Fund over $2 are tax deductible.

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The Foundation Scholarship

Established with the generous support of our donors, the Foundation Scholarship provides financial assistance to a student who would otherwise be unable to experience a Lauriston education. Awarded on the basis of above average results achieved in the annual scholarship examination, school reports and an interview, this scholarship contributes substantially towards tuition costs; in most cases, the scholarship will cover 80% of the student’s fees, with discretion up to 100% (distributed on a case-by-case basis).

Currently, one Foundation scholarship is offered to a student every two to three years, utilising the existing corpus built through the generosity of donors. As this fund grows, it is the Foundation’s goal to extend this offer to four students at a time.

Your support, no matter the size, makes an incredible impact and will provide students with the opportunity to experience a life-changing education.

All donations to the Scholarship Fund over $2 are tax deductible.

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Creative and Performing Arts Scholarship

The Creative and Performing Arts Scholarship will be offered to a new student in Years 10 or 11 with an affinity for the arts who would otherwise not be able to experience a Lauriston education. As the Foundation’s newest scholarship, this availability of this fund is dependent on the generosity of our donors through our fundraising endeavours. As well as their artistic abilities, candidates will be assessed based on above average results achieved in the annual scholarship examination, school reports and an interview.

We are currently seeking donations for this scholarship. Your support, no matter the size, will allow us to offer this new fund to a deserving student and make a life-changing impact on their education journey.

All donations to the Scholarship Fund over $2 are tax deductible.

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Belinda Phillips Goldman Sachs Memorial Scholarship

Established in 2015, the Belinda Phillips Goldman Sachs Memorial Scholarship is a perpetual fund that supports a talented all-rounder who wouldn’t normally have the chance to attend Lauriston. The scholarship was created by Richard and Annabelle Phillips in memory of Richard’s sister Belinda, a passionate sports advocate, who died tragically with her daughter Olivia in a car accident some years ago. Richard and Annabelle’s philosophy regarding an educational experience is a balanced approach,  with children needing exposure to a range of activities. They see participation in sport as a key to the development of a young person and playing in a team as a wonderful way to learn teamwork and connect persistence with better results.

We are not seeking donations for the Belinda Phillips Goldman Sachs Memorial Scholarship.

Inspirational Learning Spaces

Building Fund

Through philanthropic support Lauriston continues to be able to remain at the forefront of girls’ education, providing the infrastructure necessary to facilitate innovative and experiential learning.

A gift to the Building Fund will ensure we continue to provide excellent infrastructure and spaces that will promote innovative programs, new opportunities, and world class and leading educational opportunities.

Howqua was a dream, and through the ambition and forethought of leading Lauriston community members and the Building Fund, we were able to build the Howqua Year 9 Campus. Our girls receive learning opportunities like no other Girl’s School in Australia, where they develop resilience, and we create lifelong learners ready to take on the world.

We look to create buildings and facilities that will promote a sense of wellbeing so that we keep our minds focused and lead through new and innovative learning opportunities.

Inspirational learning spaces play an integral and important contribution to the fabric of Lauriston so that we continue to inspire the very best staff and a future for our girls with increased opportunities.

All donations to the Building Fund over $2 are tax deductible.

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Educational Resources

Library Fund

Lauriston prides itself on providing centres of learning, discovery, and curiosity.

Gifts to the Library Fund contribute to the purchase of important educational resources such as e-books, specialist databases and online encyclopaedias that expand our students’ horizons.

Help us continue to provide the joy of a book, whether it is through turning the pages and delighting in the expression of reading or to expand our resource base through enhanced digital capabilities.

 All gifts to the Library Fund over $2 are tax deductible.

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Principal's Discretion

The Principal’s Discretionary Funds are used to support areas of student life, which our Principal, Susan Just considers to have the greatest need. Lauriston Girl’s School has many rich and diverse programs that cross STEM, Music, Arts, and Sports and this fund ensures the School can continue to work towards those in line with the long-term vision and plans for our School.

Susan will choose an area (Tax deductible or non-tax deductible) that she considers to be of the greatest need at that time:

  1. Tax-deductible options may include the building of educational learning spaces, scholarships towards music, sports and the arts or to build our pool of resource materials (print and electronically) in the library.
  2. Non-tax deductible options may include musical instruments, classes, production equipment, student welfare, outreach programs or other School related activities

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