Building Fund

Through philanthropic support, Lauriston continues to be able to remain at the forefront of girls’ education, providing the infrastructure necessary to facilitate innovative and experiential learning.

A gift to the Building Fund will ensure we continue to provide excellent infrastructure and spaces that will promote innovative programs, new opportunities, and world-class educational opportunities.

Howqua was initially just a dream, but through the ambition and visionary leadership of Lauriston community members and with the aid of the Building Fund we were able to build the Howqua Year 9 Campus. Our girls receive learning opportunities like no other girl’s school in Australia, indeed the world, where they develop resilience and develop the courage and curiosity to be lifelong learners ready to take on the world.

We look to create buildings and facilities that will promote a sense of wellbeing and lead in their provision of new and innovative learning opportunities.

Inspirational learning spaces play an integral and important contribution to the fabric of Lauriston so that we continue to inspire and attract the very best staff and provide a future for our girls with increased opportunities.

Educational Resources

Library Fund

Lauriston prides itself on providing centres for learning, discovery and curiosity.

Gifts to the Library Fund contribute to the purchase of important educational resources such as e-books, specialist databases and online encyclopaedias that expand our students’ horizons.

Help us continue to provide the joy of a book, whether it is through delight in the physical act of reading or to expand our resource base through enhanced digital capabilities.


All gifts to the Building and Library Funds over $2 are tax deductible.

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