Lauriston promises to deliver every student an education that goes beyond the grades and the classroom. Because at the heart of what we do is offer an education for life.

That's why in 2023 we're extending our scholarship offering to all-rounders who want to make a difference in their community. 

While strong academic performance remains key, having more in-depth conversations with our prospective students and their parents offers us the opportunity to get to know each girl better, understand their motivations, passions, and their contribution to our community. This fits with the essence of who we are and the opportunity to celebrate the breadth of qualities and talents our community benefits from.

Lauriston Girls' School will now offer both academic and general scholarships to extend the opportunity for girls of all types to experience our transformative education. Additionally, every scholarship application will be required to demonstrate their ability to collaborate and their commitment to community. Students will be expected to articulate:

  • Achievements
  • Interests
  • What the scholarship award means to them
  • And what they would hope to contribute to the school
  • Additionally, students will participate in workshops to evaluate their collaboration skills 

We look forward to welcoming all our scholarship applicants to Lauriston in 2022.

Expect a different scholarship experience. Lauriston. For Life.


Our Scholarships


 Open to new and current students General Excellence
Non-means tested
General Excellence
Means tested
Payment of tuition
Scholar Program
Non-means tested

Year 5 (8 year scholarship)


Year 7 (6 year scholarship)


Year 8 (5 year scholarship)


Year 10 Foundation Scholarship (2 or 3 years)

The Foundation Scholarship was established in 2011 and funded by the broader Lauriston community is to provide deserving girls with a life-changing opportunity. It provides financial assistance to a girl entering Year 10 or 11 who would otherwise be unable to experience a Lauriston education based on a means-test. This is awarded based on above-average results, school reports and an interview. This scholarship contributes substantially towards tuition costs. In most cases, the scholarship will cover 80% of a student’s fees, determined on a case-by-case basis, with the principal having the discretion to increase amount of scholarship depending upon circumstances. May include additional support such as the provision of laptop.

Launchpad Scholarship (3 years)

Building on our desire to foster and celebrate diversity, each year through the Launchpad scholarship we seek to reward a specific talent. In 2021, our inaugural scholarship was offered to a student who wanted to focus upon interests in STEM. For 2023 the focus is on a student who has a broad range of interests and is keen to explore these and take up the many opportunities offered at Lauriston.

Additionally, Lauriston Girls' School will offer General Excellence Scholarships to students who demonstrate a well-rounded skill set and broader contribution to the school. Students will be required to demonstrate academic results and participates in a variety of activities which may be academic or co-curricular in their nature. Again, this is means tested to offer places to girls who may not otherwise have been able to attend.

There may be students who apply for the Academic Scholarship or the General Excellence Scholarship and will also apply for Music.

Change in the information required in the application form which must be completed by the student

  • Achievements to date
  • Interests
  • 100-200 words on what being awarded a scholarship means to the student
  • 200 words on how the student would hope to contribute to the school
  • 100-200 words from the parent/caregiver on their reasons for applying for a scholarship and how the family would contribute to the School
  • Additionally, students will participate in workshops to evaluate their collaboration skills 

The Belinda Phillips Goldman Sachs Memorial Scholarship (new and current students)

This scholarship is for students entering Year 10 or Year 11 in 2023

This scholarship has been designed for a student who is an 'all-rounder'; that is, she has a passion for both the academic and the sporting fields.

The Belinda Phillips Goldman Sachs Memorial Scholarship is means tested and is awarded to a student who would otherwise be unable to experience a Lauriston education. It is for girls entering Year 10 in (2023) or Year 11 in (2023). We encourage students in both year levels to apply.

The scholarship l provides a significant contribution towards tuition fees.

It is expected that the recipient of this scholarship will complete three seasons (Year 10 2023- 2025) or two seasons (Year 11 2023 and Year 12 2024) of Girls Sport Victoria sport with Lauriston.

The selection criteria for this scholarship is:

  • Sporting achievements in one or more sports
  • An interest in and willingness to participate in the broad range of activities offered at Lauriston
  • A desire to undertake tertiary studies in either Australia or internationally
  • Above average results in the annual scholarship examination and satisfactory academic school reports and NAPLAN results
  • Strong interview with the Principal
  • Financial assessment form


Apply for a 2022 Scholarship

Applications for the Foundation Scholarship 2022 are still open.  Please contact Rhonda Cosgrove, our Admissions Officer on 9864 7555 in relation to this.

All other scholarship applications for 2022 are now closed. 

Register your interest for a 2023 Scholarship



Terms and conditions

Scholarships are available to current Lauriston students and new students entering Lauriston in 2023.

The Foundation and Belinda Phillips Goldman Sachs Scholarships are for new students only.

Students already on a Lauriston scholarship are not eligible to apply for these scholarships

Overseas students on full fee paying student visas are not eligible to apply for these scholarships

All applicants must sit the scholarship exam. Scholarships are awarded based on several factors which may include performance in the primary scholarship exam, interview with the Principal, review of academic results and provision of a portfolio of work

Scholarships are partial scholarships and scholarship exam results from other schools are not able to be transferred to Lauriston’s Scholarship program

All scholarships are awarded on the basis that the scholarship recipient will complete their education to Year 12 at Lauriston Girls' School. If a student is withdrawn from the school early all scholarship funds awarded must be repaid in full. The Principal may reconsider this requirement if the student withdrawal is the result of circumstances beyond the family’s control

All scholarships are subject to annual review to confirm that the high academic and behaviour standards expected of a scholarship student have been maintained. Failure to meet school expectations in either academic performance or behaviour may result in the discontinuation of the scholarship. Please note that an invitation to attend a scholarship interview or participate in an audition does not necessarily mean that the candidate is offered a scholarship