The future is widely misunderstood. Our forebears expected it to be pretty much like the present which had been pretty much like their past. Projecting our pasts onto our futures exposes a fundamental error- linear thinking can never catch up and adapt to the perpetual, pervasive and exponential change occurring around us because it is too fast and complex.” – Ray Kurzweil

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How do we prepare students for their future pathways?

Our new ebook provides insights into the new world of work and how we at Lauriston prepare our students to thrive in their future workplaces.


The future workplace

Forces such as automation, Artificial Intelligence, robotics, globalization, technological change and climate change is rapidly transforming work from being predictable, linear and siloed, to being networked, collaborative, cross-functional and continuously changing. In the new work paradigm, the career ladder is no longer the norm and there will be greater demand for more flexible and gig work. The continued learning cycle within the workplace will have the important role of creating value through the development of new knowledge and innovation.

Indeed, multiple career changes, globalisation and increasing collaboration, demand for innovation and automation will mean that students today will need to identify their strengths and passions, manage lifelong ‘on the job’ learning, make good study and career choices.

“Young people will not only need to acquire foundation and technical skills but be able to use these in increasingly enterprising and creative ways.”

Creating the value creators of the future

Whichever stage a student is at, our curriculum and co-curricular agenda is embedded with opportunities to build the skills that students will need in their future careers as value creators. Not only do we nurture a student’s academic endeavours, we build and reinforce the skills which ensure girls learn how to think, weather challenging situations, develop a positive mindset and build the ability to work with others.

As an all-girls school, we continuously affirm that our students’ career options and potential are limitless. We aim to motivate our girls to be courageous, resilient, lifelong learners with the ability to put themselves forward and to develop the skills and adaptive capacities which will enable them to be future prepared. We believe that by combining academic achievement and cognitive, social and emotional skills, we will develop this holistic set of skills for success both at school and beyond.

Inspiring pathways

"For me the positive impacts I can achieve through my work is what makes the obstacles you need to go through worthwhile." – Trinity Ross (2017)

Many of our alumnae have gone on to forge awe-inspiring careers, building on the grounding that they had at Lauriston. Trinity Ross is one of these women, who following their passion, have cut out their own career path and achieving success. 

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