Lauriston Girls' School - Blairholme

About Blairholme

Affectionately known in the community as 'Little Lauriston', our Blairholme campus provides a fun, creative space where students develop an early love of inquiry and learning. We are accredited in Prep and Year 1 to deliver the Australian Developmental Curriculum and all students study Mandarin.

Located a short walk from the main Armadale campus, Blairholme is a renovated Victorian house situated within customised outdoor spaces. For our Prep – Year 2 girls it provides a nurturing, welcoming and comfortably familiar start to their educational journey.

The Blairhome difference is evident as soon as you walk through the gates. To the right is the large Moreton Bay Fig tree, to the left the lush garden. As students climb the steps to the large entryway it is easy to imagine the generations of girls who have made the same journey.

Once inside it's clear that this is a place of fun and learning. The space is small enough to feel homely yet large enough to incorporate best practice teaching and learning. Traditional art projects sit alongside stations where the girls pull apart appliances and begin to ask questions like 'why?' and 'how?'

The 'tinkering' program provides early exposure to our Science, Engineering, Art and Technology (STEAM) curriculum and encourages natural curiosity.

In the Prep rooms design briefs, completed by the students, sit next to the finished products - including 3D versions of dinosaurs, pythons, caterpillars and butterflies.

Focus and Philosophy

All students at Blairholme enjoy a strong emphasis on literacy and numeracy as well as specialist and enrichment programs, including the study of Mandarin. Our focus is centred on ensuring that all girls develop a love of learning while being both supported and challenged.

An example of this is Blairholme’s Differentiated Learning Program. From Prep, this program tests girls before and after each numeracy topic. The pre-testing ensures that girls are placed in an appropriate learning group. The post-testing ensures a thorough understanding of the topic is achieved. It also enables girls to move between study groups as their learning develops.

The Differentiated Learning Program ensures that girls at all levels of ability are appropriately challenged and supported for their current learning needs.

Girls are also challenged through exposure to the Australian Developmental Curriculum (ADC). Lauriston was the first Independent School in Australia to be accredited to deliver the ADC and today the program runs in both Prep and Year 1. The ADC emphasises skill development and acquisition of understandings and skills through a balanced curriculum that actively engages children in investigations, play and explicit teaching. More information about the Australian Developmental Curriculum (ADC) at Lauriston Girls’ School can be found here.

Blairholme girls are also encouraged to develop their leadership skills from an early age. Opportunities to lead and plan are provided from Prep and Lauriston students are taught that leadership is not always about leading from the front but also from within, across and from below.

As the leaders of the Blairholme community our Year 2 students take on various responsibilities. This includes running Blairholme assemblies and mentoring the younger students. They, in turn, are mentored by our Year 6 students, leaders of the entire Junior School.

Blairholme is a nurturing space that guides children through this vital phase of their education and prepares them with the academic and pastoral skills for the higher years of Junior School.