We believe that physical activity is integral to the emotional and physical development of all students. We are dedicated to creating a culture that values physical exercise as a foundation for positive wellbeing.

Our students have access to a wide range of recreational, team and competitive sporting opportunities to develop skills in collaboration, confidence and resilience.

Girls are encouraged to undertake a GSV competitive sport or a recreational activity each term and to take part in at least one team sport each year. Sport and recreational activities are compulsory for all girls in Years 7, 8 and 10. 

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Our sport program aims to:

  • Instill the importance of lifelong participation in physical activity by making it fun, challenging and engaging.
  • Provide high-quality coaching by passionate and experienced individuals.
  • Closely monitor each girl’s progress and adapt individual programs and goals so that each girl is challenged and motivated.
  • Encourage participation in House events, providing invaluable opportunities for girls to demonstrate leadership and courage.
  • Offers invaluable opportunities to interact and strengthen friendships across all year levels.
  • Build a strong spirit of camaraderie, teamwork and community.

Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD)

Our Sports department follows the Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model, which means students move through stages of development across all sports. Progression is based on ability, not age, so that students master technique and can start a new sport at any time.

This model concentrates on the holistic development of students while producing better long-term results.

Our coaches keep track of the amount of activity each individual undertakes, setting goals and challenges to ensure our girls stay fit and healthy.

Elite sport students are also given the opportunity to have an IPP (Individual performance Plan) created by our experienced coaches. 

Sport in Junior School

Sport in the Junior School is designed to give students an opportunity to experience non-competitive and/or competitive activities.

Lauriston Junior School is a member of School Sport Victoria (SSV). Students can compete at different levels depending on their capabilities and level of achievement e.g. District, Division, Regional and State events. SSV offers elite Victorian students the opportunity to represent their state at School Sport Australia Championships. 

All Year 6 students participate in Wednesday afternoon Interschool sport during Terms 2 and 3.

Internal Wednesday afternoon sport takes place in Term 1 and Term 4. 

The Year 5 weekly House Sport program is designed to provide maximum participation for all students in a competitive sporting environment whilst fostering House Spirit. Year 5 Sport is compulsory and runs from 2.30–4.00pm every term on Tuesday afternoons. 

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Sport in Senior School

Lauriston Senior School is a member of Girls Sport Victoria (GSV).

Sport in the Senior School is separated into a number of categories: GSV Weekly Sport, GSV Carnival Sport, Club Sport and Recreational Activities. These allow for girls to take part in both competitive and recreational options throughout the year.

Competitive sport gives girls the opportunity to compete against other girls’ schools within the GSV (Carnival and weekly sport).

Recreational sport allows girls to keep active without the competition aspect.

House Sport

Our House system is an integral part of our School community.

From Prep to Year 12, each student becomes a member of one of four Houses – Kirkhope, Irving, Andrews and Mitchell – with the aim of creating a supportive and nurturing environment where they can make friendships across year levels, broaden their interests and involvement in the School community, and develop their potential.

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Girls are encouraged to participate in friendly House sport events that build a strong spirit of camaraderie and community and provide invaluable opportunities to demonstrate leadership and courage.

House sports include:

  • Netball
  • Cross-country
  • Athletics
  • Swimming

Sporting Affiliations

Senior School is part of GSV (Girls Sports Victoria), one of the largest independent girls’ schools sporting associations in Victoria. In 2019, Lauriston was one of only two girls’ schools to qualify for Division 1 in all four GSV sports: Track & Field, Swimming, Diving and Cross-Country.

Junior School is part of SSV (School Sport Victoria). 

A number of our other sporting affiliations include: Athletics Victoria, Rowing Victoria and Rowing Australia, SnowSports Victoria, Swimming Victoria and Swimming Australia and Prahran Netball Association.

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Our Sporting Facilities 

The construction of our new Sports, Health and Wellbeing Precinct is currently underway and due to be completed by April 2021. This precinct will give our students access to world-class sporting facilities and learning spaces.

The precinct will include a new gymnasium with two multi-purpose indoor courts; spaces for activities such as yoga, pilates, meditation, rowing, cycling and weight training; new showers and change room facilities; a learn-to-swim pool and refurbishment of the existing swimming pool. Adjacent to the gymnasium will be four courts for netball, basketball and tennis, as well as outdoor cricket nets.

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