Wellbeing wheel


SHINE is what Lauriston calls its wellbeing program.

8 Domains

8 Domains

Eight key elements of student wellbeing have been selected as necessary for personal development for young people.

  • Self-awareness  
  • Healthy
    holistic habits
  • Emotional awareness  
  • Mindsets  
  • Positive direction  
  • Positive
  • Role
  • Looking
The 7cs

The 7cs

Dr Kenneth Ginsburg’s essential building blocks of resilience.

  • Competence  
  • Confidence  
  • Connection  
  • Character  
  • Coping  
  • Control  
  • Contribution  
School values

School Values

The drivers within the school that guide decision making, teaching and learning

  • Relationships  
  • Courage  
  • Creativity  
  • Intellectual
  • Engagement
    in life

Learning the skills of life

Lauriston is a school for life so we focus on ensuring students have the skills to be happy and successful. Teachers use a structured personal development program called SHINE to guide students through making decisions and understanding the key concepts of growing up.

The SHINE program tackles issues across eight different domains of wellbeing that are specific for the development of young women. The domains are taught in age appropriate ways across the Junior and Senior Schools.

The wellbeing program is fundamental to the growth of all our students through both good and challenging times.

SHINE is underpinned by the Lauriston school values and Professor Kenneth Ginsburg’s philosophy called the 7cs which are considered the essential building blocks of resilience.

The interactive Wellbeing Wheel outlines in more detail the different domains, the 7cs and the school values.