Lauriston is pleased to confirm it has completed the School’s Strategic Framework which will guide the development of the School’s buildings and facilities. The framework is consistent with the School’s goals of maintaining a leading learning environment and enhancing wellbeing and resilience in young women.

The School’s leadership team and council have worked with architects, DesignInc for more than two years to finalise the Strategic Framework. The School has adopted a high quality architectural approach and will create buildings that are sensitive to the constraints of the site and neighbourhood setting. Numerous experts have been engaged throughout the process including traffic engineers, heritage consultants and landscape architects. The Strategic Framework seeks to re-use or re-purpose existing buildings where possible.

Our community of teachers, parents, neighbours and staff have also provided excellent feedback to the work-in-progress which has been listened to and taken into consideration. The Strategic Framework will allow Lauriston to continue to provide an exceptional educational experience and a great working environment for many decades to come.

Lauriston’s Strategic Framework has been shared with the City of Stonnington Council and is available for the School community. Lauriston submitted two planning permit applications which move into the advertising phase from August 17 .