IB students Chloe Gration, Clara Chen, Ahinsa Gunatilaka and Juliette Baxter receiving their results.

Lauriston is pleased that 97% of our IB students achieved an ATAR equivalent of 80 or over and an impressive 22% achieved an ATAR equivalent of 99 or above, reinforcing Lauriston’s decade of academic excellence.

“Nearly one-third of Lauriston students completed the IB in 2016, which demonstrates their interest in international affairs and a desire to compete on a world stage,” says Principal Susan Just. “Lauriston was also the only school in the top 20 VCE schools of 2016 to offer the IB, highlighting the excellent achievements made by students across both programs.”

The median IB score at Lauriston in 2016 was 38, the equivalent of an ATAR of 96.80; well above the national average score of 34.6. Below is the full breakdown of Lauriston’s IB scores for 2016.

  • 22% of students were ranked in the top 1% of the state with an equivalent ATAR of 99 and above
  • 68% of students were ranked the top 5% of the state with an equivalent ATAR of 95 and above
  • 89% of students were ranked in the top 10% of the state with an equivalent ATAR of 90 and above
  • 97% of students were ranked in the top 20% of the state with an equivalent ATAR of 80 and above

These outstanding results come from a fabulous group of girls who have a global outlook and would like to complete tertiary studies overseas. The girls were hard working but also participated in a range of activities including swimming, music and social service.

Dux of the school was an accolade shared by three students: Clara Chen, Jasmine Hassan and Melanie Roy, who all achieved a Diploma Score of 43, equivalent to an ATAR of 99.7.

NB: Since the results were first released, two students have successfully had their examinations remarked and been issued with a new Diploma Score: Jasmine Hassan, who has now received a score of 44 (equivalent to 99.85) and Juliette Baxter, whose score is now 43 (99.7).

Hassan Jasmine

Jasmine Hassan

Jasmine is a principled and mature young woman who thrived in the rigorous intellectual environment provided by the IB. She is an articulate and confident communicator, skills that served her well as editor of the student newspaper, where she was able to put her wit and deep understanding of social issues to work and provide readers with a wider understanding of global issues.

The next step on Jasmine's education journey is the study of medicine, an undertaking she has shown passion and commitment towards through her extensive preparations. Alongside her IB studies, Jasmine organised a slate of work experience for herself, undertook a program of reading and studied a complementary program of Physics in addition to her six in-school subjects. 

Baxter Juliette

Juliette Baxter

Juliette is an engaged and passionate learner who approached her studies with discipline and maturity. Juliette’s leadership qualities were recognised in her appointment as Leader of the Amnesty International Group. This elected position has been one which Juliette filled with great integrity, earning the admiration of the staff and students with whom she has worked in this capacity.

As well as leading the Amnesty group, Julia is also a talented musician and keen sportswoman who took part in a wide range of House and inter-school activities. 


Clara Chen

Clara is a mature and dedicated young woman who has made a significant contribution to the Lauriston community over many years. As well as being a dedicated scholar, Clara has been an active member of the Lauriston community, taking part in debating, music and sport. In 2016, Clara's strong leadership skills and ability to collaborate with and encourage others was recognised by her peers, with the cohort electing Clara as one of their Prefects. 

Roy Melanie

Melanie Roy

Melanie Roy has been an outstanding member of the Lauriston IB group and was tenacious in her pursuit of a thorough understanding. She set herself very high standards and enjoyed the challenge in working to achieve her goals. Her teachers took especial note of her outstanding work ethic, remarking that Melanie displayed great self-discipline and boundless energy. 

During her time at Lauriston, Melanie has been an active, engage and generous member of the community who applied herself to whatever task she undertook.