After numerous tutorials using Photoshop software, the girls have gained a competent level of skill ready to start creating parts of their multi-media installations  Amanda and Media teacher Jenna Grace encouraged the girls to create three different versions of their work which combines environmental photography with selfies, holiday snaps, hand drawings and different aspects of nature as the base for their work.

Amanda suggested they overlay other inspiration onto these images so their work extends beyond a photograph or image. One student used Matisse cut-outs to inspire a self portrait whereas another student added a colour wash to her favourite beachside scene. The girls changed the density of the colour on the screen, modified size and scale but also most importantly learned to experiment with their work.

“We think technology is so controlled but in the classes today, the girls were able to experience how versatile it can be," said Amanda Morgan.

The installations can be scene across the school on Tuesday 23 May and at the LPA Gala Ball on June 3.

DSC 0089