The importance of praise has been the subject of much educational research over the past five years. A recent study by Sue Westwood, De Montfort University in the UK, found that giving praise five times a day improved a child’s wellbeing and decreased inattention and hyperactivity. It is a strategy used effectively by our Junior School teachers and it is highly recommended for parents.

Westwood commented that praising a child is a ‘simple, cost-effective intervention’ that when used on a regular basis can have a significant impact. ‘Improved behaviour and wellbeing can result simply from ensuring that a child’s positive actions are rewarded with praise and parents are seen to be observing their good behaviour,’ she said.

According to BEST Programs 4 Kids, behaviour-specific praise is a very effective way to positively shape our children’s behaviour. It is important that we praise their efforts and point out precisely what they’ve done well.

How much praise do you give at home? Keep a check on how many times you praise your child. Make a note in your head or on paper and see if you can praise specifically, genuinely and gratefully five times each day for a week.


Chess 2

Many Junior School girls are enjoying the opportunity to participate in our Years 1–2 Chess Club and Years 3–6 Chess Club. I visited the Years 3–6 Chess Club last Thursday at lunchtime and enjoyed playing against Anastasia, who is a very talented Chess player! Thank you to Chess Master Mr Leonid Sandler and Chess Coordinator Mrs Kate Collin for providing the girls with this valuable opportunity.

Prep to Year 2 THRASS Parent Information Evening

We would like to invite all Prep to Year 2 parents to a THRASS Parent Information Session at Blairholme on Monday 18 March at 7.00pm to find out more about the program and how you can help at home. The information session will be conducted by a Literacy specialist from THRASS.

Spelling as a component of literacy is a priority at Lauriston. Skills and strategies for learning ‘how’ to spell are a very important part of the spelling process. Research clearly shows a strong correlation between a sound basis in phonics teaching and successful reading, as well as assisting in spelling and writing skills. Scientific research has shown phonics is a crucial strategy in the understanding of ‘how to spell’. In Years Prep to Year 2, Lauriston uses THRASS as the basis for phonics teaching. THRASS is an acronym for Teaching Handwriting, Reading and Spelling Skills. Our teachers at Lauriston are trained in using this approach and embed THRASS into their curriculum. The girls use this approach regularly as they develop their reading and spelling skills and often use the THRASS chart to refer to when they are writing or reading.

Your role as a parent in your daughter’s learning journey, as well as the connection between school and home, is highly valued at Lauriston, and this seminar will be a wonderful opportunity for parents to learn more about the methods of teaching and learning in Literacy, as well as how to support their daughters at home.

Welcome to 2019 Social Function

The School and Lauriston Parents’ Association (LPA) would like to warmly invite Prep to Year 6 parents to our Welcome to 2019 Social Function on Wednesday 20 March from 6.00–7.30pm in the Irvine Courtyard. This free event is a lovely opportunity to meet parents and staff, learn more about the different associations that contribute to our School community, and discover ways in which you might like to be involved. Please RSVP here.

Outstanding Swimming Result

Elizabeth M Resize

Congratulations to Elizabeth M on her outstanding result in the recent Division Swimming Championships on Friday 8 March. Elizabeth won her Breaststroke event and broke the previous Division Record! It is a wonderful achievement. We are very proud of Elizabeth and wish her well for the upcoming Regionals Championships.

Division Tennis

Axy resized

Also congratulations to Year 6 student Axy P who achieved a wonderful result in yesterday’s Beachside Division Tennis competition. Axy came runner-up in the Final, which was a superb achievement. We wish Axy well for the Regional Tennis Finals on 2 May. Congratulations, Axy!

World Down Syndrome Day

World Down Syndrome Day is celebrated on Thursday 21 March. Lauriston will be adopting the ‘Lots of Socks’ theme created by Down Syndrome International. On this day, we ask that girls from Prep–Year 6 wear socks of their choice to school. They can be bright, colourful, short or long – the choice is endless! If you would like to make a donation, all contributions will be gratefully accepted and will go directly towards Down Syndrome Australia. Thank you for your support.

Chris Toms
Vice Principal, Head of Junior School



Melbourne Zoo Excursion

Zoo 1

Arabella M and the Philippines Crocodile

Zoo 2

Isabel L, Imogen S, Zabrina, W, Kylah A, Soraya P

To assist our Year 4 students to further develop their understandings of the threats that lead to animals becoming endangered, we visited The Melbourne Zoo and participated in trails highlighting the plight of many Australian animals, as well as those from countries around the globe. This encouraged the girls to discover fascinating stories and appreciate the role that humans play in both harming and helping.

We also watched the ‘Wild Sea’ seal show, which encouraged us to use bubbles at parties rather than balloons, and met zoo keepers who told us all about the koalas, elephants and orangutans.

The girls used flip books to read about endangered animals and enjoyed filming and photographing their day using their iPads. We were fortunate to have parents join us on this excursion, which enabled us to travel around the zoo in small groups and view endangered animals, some of which the girls had chosen to study in depth.

Carolyn Dance
Year 4 Class Teacher


Key Dates

Date Time Event Location
Monday 18 March 7.00pm Prep–Year 2 THRASS Parent Information Evening Blairholme
Tuesday 19 March –Friday 22 March All Day

Year 6 Camp to Canberra

Wednesday 20 March 6.00–7.30pm

Welcome to 2019 Social Function
(Prep–Year 6 parents invited)

Irvine Courtyard
Thursday 21 March All Day

Down Syndrome Day
(Coloured socks fundraiser for Prep-6 students)

Tuesday 26 March 10.45am–12.45pm

Years 3–6 Grandparents & Special Friends Day

Variety of Venues
Wednesday 27 March 1.00–1.30pm

Prep–Year 2 Blairholme Music Recital
(Select girls only, parents of performers are invited to attend)

Blairholme Music Room
Thursday 28 March

First race. At 10.15am (approx.)
Presentation. At 12.15pm (approx.)

Year 2–6 House Cross Country Kooyong Park
Tuesday 2 April 10.45–12.30pm Prep–Year 2 Grandparents & Special Friends Day Blairholme
Friday 5 April 8.45–10.00am

Prep–Year 6 Final Junior School Assembly
(Parents are welcome to attend) 

Term 1 Concludes at 12.30pm
(Last day of term is a casual clothes day, no gold coin required)

Irving Hall
Tuesday 23 April 8.15am Term 2 Commences for Prep-Year 6 girls Classrooms