Intergenerational Family - Alumna Enrolment

Filia Smith (Aristidou, 2000)

Recently we connected with Filia Smith (Aristidou, 2000) who has been living in London since 2008.  Filia lives in London with her husband Rob and their two children Henry (6) and Ava (3).  We connected with Filia because she is hoping that Ava will start at Lauriston in 2027.  It’s very exciting for the school when an alumna enrols their child.

The Smith family uses London as a base to work, explore and travel abroad and by doing so, Filia and Rob are thrilled that they can expose Henry and Ava to as much culture and diversity as possible.

Filia was at Lauriston from Prep right through to Year 12. She has such fond memories of her years at School and says that she owes so much of her personal and career achievements to the strong educational foundations and independence instilled during her time at Lauriston. Science and Maths were her preferred subjects and after completing her International Baccalaureate, accepted an offer in Engineering Commerce at Monash University.  Filia’s father was a doctor and as a young girl she fondly recalls spending time involved in his Medical Practice and has always enjoyed helping and listening to those with medical concerns. For this reason, a pathway in a medical profession was always on the cards. After much thought Filia reconsidered her original offer and decided to apply and subsequently accept an offer to a newly established course in Radiography and Medical Imaging at Monash University. This was a definite pivot point in her life and fortunately resulted in the best life choice!

After completing a Masters in Ultrasound researching the role of MRI in breast cancer, which she pursued whilst working clinically for Medical Imaging Australia, Filia decided to take a career break and travel Europe extensively for six months with her last stop being London. It was always her dream to live and work in London – she saw it as a gateway to her travel aspirations. Filia explained that one of the definite advantages of a career in Ultrasound is that job opportunities are abundant in the UK and all Australian qualifications are recognised highly with no further training required.

Her first job was at Guys and St Thomas NHS Hospital in central London working in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. The department is located on the 8th floor overlooking the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, and the London Eye! The buzz and excitement of London can be overwhelming, and she learnt an incredible amount in a short period of time due to the sheer volume of patients and the ethnic and socioeconomic diversity that is true to the heart of London.

Eighteen months later Filia was approached by Toshiba Medical Imaging Systems to consider a role as a Clinical Applications Specialist in Ultrasound. This involved extensive travel all over the UK and Europe, demonstrating, supporting and educating the latest medical imaging technologies to sonographers and consultants. This was a dream for Filia, combining seamlessly her love of ultrasound and travel.

Soon after, she moved into a role of research and development, supporting the European headquarters in Holland, developing, and successfully launching new equipment and technologies, while working alongside world renowned consultants and the Japanese engineering team.  A standout moment was rolling out a full medical imaging suite (MRI, CT, XRAY and ultrasound) to Manchester United Football Club at their Carrington training ground where her team was able to carry out research, specifically in musculoskeletal imaging (Filia’s area of expertise) using the latest technologies.

Following the birth of Ava in 2019, Filia has been a stay-at-home Mum. For Filia, the Covid pandemic alongside lockdowns and home-schooling while looking after a baby definitely had its challenges. Filia is excited that Ava is due to start school in London in September.  At this time, Filia will also return to a clinical role specialising in musculoskeletal imaging.

We hope this year brings wonderful positivity to Filia and her family, and we look forward to 2027 when Ava will become a 2nd generation Lauristonian!