Our Graduates

At Lauriston Girls' School our graduates develop the confidence they need to be able to succeed at whatever they choose to do.

The Lauriston difference comes to life in the DNA of our graduates. Strong thinkers, courageous, with an ability to collaborate, adapt and act. When our girls see the need for change, they seize the opportunity to do better which stems from:

1. The belief that society is better when we’re active and involved citizens

2. Considering perspectives with an open mind

3. Being well versed in fostering strong relationships, collaboration and the ability to solve problems together 

4. Knowing we have a responsibility to ask and change 

5. The ability to be flexible thinkers who are prepared to grapple with ambiguity and complexity

Graduate Career Stories

Our latest interviews in our Careers Expo podcast series introduces Lauriston Girls’ School graduates who discuss the various career pathways they have taken to achieve their career objectives. 

Careers in Medicine

Careers in Arts

Careers in Engineering

Careers in Business

Careers in Construction

Careers Working with Animals