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JULY 2013
(2000) vision
is for a world
with zero
As CEO and founder of PK Clean she develops
breakthrough technology that converts landfill-bound
plastics into high value fuels at a fraction of the cost of
existing systems.
Her work has seen her selected as a World Economic
Forum Global Shaper and named in the prestigious
Forbes 30 Under 30 list for the Energy sector for
Priyanka is a cleantech entrepreneur with experience
launching innovative products, building teams and
growing companies across three continents. PK Clean
is currently operating its first commercial-scale facility
in Salt Lake City, Utah.
During her years at Lauriston, Priyanka was inspired
by girls ahead of her who graduated and then studied
overseas at universities such as Oxford, Harvard and
Wharton. It was a path that she followed.
‘Since I was interested in technology and entrepreneurship,
I chose to study at Stanford and MIT, which have a
strong focus on innovation. I had always loved the
interdisciplinary approach of the IB, so for my studies I
chose to combine science and technology subjects with
business and policy subjects. My undergraduate degree
was in Science, Technology, Society and Economics,’
she says.
Priyanka completed an MBA while building her
experience before launching her own company.
‘I worked on Wall Street straight after college,
forecasting global energy prices, and also worked in
Venture Capital selecting new technologies to invest
in. I worked at another clean energy start-up before
deciding to launch my own. Most of my work has been
in New York and California,’ she notes.
At PK Clean, Priyanka is involved in everything from
hiring, pitching, overseeing lab work and interacting
with customers to organising employee trips and
outings for her staff. When pushed about the least
enjoyable aspect of her work she admits that trying to
catch the mice that sometimes lurk around the plastic
waste proves challenging!
When asked if she has
advice for current Lauriston
girls, Priyanka says, ‘It is
healthy and normal to not
know what you want to do
– it is an ongoing journey,
but the main thing is to
allow yourself to dream big,
never doubt what you can achieve, have role models
who inspire you, and constantly find ways to challenge
yourself and push yourself past your comfort zone.
Howqua is a great place for this!’
Priyanka’s work has been recognised in the top
echelons of her industry but she isn’t finished yet.
‘To whom much is given, much is expected. I feel so
fortunate to have been given so much in life – starting
with Lauriston – and whether it be through this venture
or through others, I hope to keep finding ways to
continue growing and contributing,’ she says.
From Lauriston to
the Forbes Top 30
To find out more about Priyanka’s
work visit:
It’s an ongoing
journey, but the
main thing is to
allow yourself to
dream big...