Bella Northrop (2018) has always been passionate about music and drama and leapt at the many opportunities Lauriston has to offer. 

She remembers when she auditioned for the School musical back when she was in Grade 6 and our current Director of Music Kellie Ryan encouraged her to start having singing lessons.

‘There were heaps of talented singers at Lauriston so I had the privilege of performing with other students who had different singing styles and we learned so much from one another. Kate Kennedy was my Lauriston singing teacher for six years and I attribute everything I learned about singing to her,’ says Bella.

Many people in the Lauriston community have been touched by Bella’s voice. She was Lauriston’s Choir Captain and lead in the Senior School production 'The Sound of Music' in her final year. 

Now, Bella is utilising the skills, knowledge and experience she learned from School to help her navigate the myriad opportunities that have arisen since she graduated. 

Bella is currently undertaking a six-month Foundation course at the Oxford School of Drama. She loves the small size of the school because, like Lauriston, she believes it creates strong relationships between students and teachers. She also loves that it is in the middle of the countryside, away from the hustle and bustle of London, which allows students to focus on developing their craft.

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Bella has always been attracted to the idea of stepping outside her comfort zone and her year at Howqua, in particular, gave her the confidence and courage to do so. She says it gave her a strong foundation for her Oxford experience, where she has been forced to meet and mix with a diverse range of people and cultures, all brought together by a common love of drama.


‘Singing is an escape for me. If anything is up in life, I use singing to relax and it’s very therapeutic. It is also good because song provides joy for others – I love this side of my craft.’ 


Bella hopes to continue her studies with a BA in the UK or in the US and we wish her all the luck in her pursuits. We’ve no doubt we will be seeing her name in lights on the stage in the near future.