Micro-credentialing as the future of education is a hot topic right now – see this recent ABC News article – and thanks to Owen Flattery, Director of Digital Learning and Whole School Initiatives, Lauriston is one of the first schools in Australia to adopt this initiative.

Owen has been responsible for Lauriston’s early and decisive response to the COVID-19 outbreak, implementing a successful school-wide transition to remote learning, as well as enabling innovations such as livestream virtual music performances, virtual House Cross Country competitions and online pastoral care sessions, which have helped keep our community engaged and connected. 

This month Owen's achievements also landed him a spot on The Educator magazine’s prestigious Hot List 2020, which recognises and celebrates professionals who are at the forefront of educational excellence in Australia.

 LGS Leadership Comm Serv Active micro credentials badge image002

Owen's progressive outlook on technology led to Lauriston’s recent launch of Lauriston Creds, a micro-credential initiative that provides students with ‘digital badges’ that showcase skills, knowledge, capabilities or experience beyond their ATAR study score.

‘Micro-credentialing recognises the 21st-century skills — the knowledge, skills, values and experiences – that young people need to thrive in a rapidly changing world,’ says Owen.

Initially, digital badges will be rolled out across our Student Leadership and Community Services programs, recognising students who are going above and beyond in these areas. In time, micro-credentials will cover a variety of skills and a range of areas such as digital content creation, machine learning, critical thinking, design thinking and entrepreneurship.

The badges can be shared and verified on social media, personal learning portfolios and LinkedIn profiles.

“We believe Lauriston Creds will augment and strengthen the great programs we already have in place here, as well as act as a catalyst for the development of new and innovative learning experiences. We’re excited to be offering our students this opportunity to showcase the breadth and depth of their skills for tomorrow's ever-changing workplace,” says Owen.