At Lauriston Kindergarten, we embed Indigenous understandings into our curriculum in an authentic way, engaging the support of Indigenous elders to help our children develop greater knowledge and understanding of Australian Indigenous history and cultural diversity.

Every year we are both fortunate and privileged to welcome Murrundindi, Elder of the Wurundjeri clan from the Healesville area, to our Kindergarten. The Wurundjeri people lived on the land we now occupy.

This year was a little out of the ordinary and, in its own way, more special than ever.

Murrundindi visited our Kindergarten via Zoom, and it was thrilling to watch the way the children embraced this new way of learning.

The children were treated to a virtual tour of Murrundindi’s home and the stories behind many unique artefacts and artworks that he cannot bring to Kindergarten, including a special didgeridoo that is too heavy to transport.

Murrundindi shared the history of his culture and the children learned some words from the Wurundjeri language, as well as new ways to wish each other “good morning”, “enjoy our meal” and “see you later”.

Murrundindi Create

Various indoor and outdoor spaces were set up around the Kindergarten with activities relating to Indigenous culture and the children made damper with Murrundindi, played games, danced and sang.

Murrundindi was particularly thrilled with the respect the children showed and their curiosity and questions.

We, in turn, were captivated by his ability to engage our Kindergarten children so completely, even from afar.

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