From as early as Kindergarten we cultivate leadership through a multitude of opportunities such as speaking in assemblies, community service, sport, musicals and live productions. These opportunities build depth of character and strength and inspire our girls to be courageous and resilient when challenges arise.

The sheer number of applicants for leadership roles this year reflected confidence, a readiness for leadership, and a cohort motivated to give back to their community. Each applicant gave a 90-second speech during Assembly to introduce herself and provide some insight into her leadership aspirations for the coming year. Speeches delivered covered everything from inclusiveness and respect to commitment and teamwork and were delivered with confidence, clarity and – despite the year that has been – humour.

We wish all our Year 12s the best for the remainder of the year and thank them for their courageous leadership during COVID-19, and we look forward to welcoming our new leaders to their tenure as caretakers and mentors of our School community.

Amelia   Megan


Some words from our School Captains:

Amelie Graham

It is such an honour – and a bit daunting – to be appointed as school captain alongside Megan. As a leader, I hope to foster an inclusive and encouraging school environment. I have benefited so much from the incredible example set by our past School leaders and have admired how confident, kind and engaged in school life they are.

Throughout my five years at Lauriston, I have always challenged myself to try new things. To me, that is what being at Lauriston is all about. From six-day hikes at Howqua to a hotly contested House debate, there are so many opportunities to test yourself.

A bit about me: I am the oldest of three and have a younger sister at Lauriston in Year 6. I enjoy participating in debating/public speaking, community service, the arts, and leading our student Amnesty club. I am an IB student and my favourite subjects are History and Art. When I’m not studying, I love being with my friends, dancing, painting and binging series on Netflix.

I can’t wait to get started in my new role and to work alongside Megan and the great team of student leaders!

Megan Ho

Lauriston has been such a big part of my life. My journey here began as a small three-year-old in Kindergarten and the last of three siblings to start school.

Our School community has played such an important role in how I have grown as an individual and has allowed me to embrace every opportunity offered. I have loved taking part in many GSV sport teams and music ensembles at Lauriston, particularly playing cello in orchestra and doing jumps in track and field. I have a strong interest in maths and science, and hope to follow a path in Science and Engineering.

I have been so fortunate to be able to form such amazing relationships across all year levels within various house, music and sport groups. These relationships are such an important part of Lauriston and I look forward to working alongside Amelie and my peers to lead an amazing cohort. I am beyond grateful to have this opportunity and look forward to the year ahead!