LAA Art Acquisition Prize: Kelly Gong’s installation ‘P.O.V. (Point of View)’


Our annual VCE and IB Exhibition, a highlight of the School year, celebrates the work of our Units 3 and 4 VCE Visual Communication Design, Studio Arts and Media students, and our Year 12 IB Visual Arts students.

This year, in a virtual first for Lauriston, our VCE and IB Exhibition was held virtually, and like previous years it showcased the depth, diversity and passion of our student artists.

Honourable mentions this year included:

 Lexi Kotzman Taken in Haste

 Lexi Kotzman, Taken in Haste (Honorable Mention – Art)

 Ava Reads Yarning Communications Hubs 1

Ava Read, Yarning Communications Hubs (Honorable Mention – Visual Communications Design)

 Ava Reads Yarning Communications Hubs 2

Ava Read, Yarning Communications Hubs (Honorable Mention – Visual Communications Design)

 Zoe Parker Nentis Bakehouse Studio posters

Zoe Parker-Nentis, Bakehouse Studio Posters (Honorable Mention – Media)

 Ava Reads Yarning Communications Hubs 3

Ava Read, Yarning Communications Hubs (Honorable Mention – Visual Communications Design)

Tamara Howden Transcent the Paradox

Tamara Howden, Transcend the Paradox (Honorable Mention – Art) 

We spoke with Lauriston’s Head of Arts David Morrison about the impact COVID-19 has had on Art at Lauriston this year:

“This year has been a very different experience for those studying and producing works in the Arts, and in particular, in the Visual Arts area. Restricted movement has impacted film making, and limited access to materials during home learning put 3-d concept development off the exploration agenda, as well as printmaking and many media rich projects.

It was also very challenging for the teaching staff to talk through a process on-screen and not have the opportunity to stand beside the students and direct or support their processes and skill development.

Having said that, there have been positives that have emerged as a result of the restrictions.

Our students embraced the context within which they were working and used it to fuel some significant visual responses that will reference this time in history throughout the years to come. Others designed new environments for sport, culture, well-being and retail.

The voice of our students as seen in their artworks and art-making evidences their creative thinking, their empathy for those less fortunate, their love of family and their concern for the future of the world they live in and will very soon direct.

When viewing the exhibited works, one cannot help but be impressed by the creativity of our Year 12s, and feel confident in the future of this world when they move beyond the boundaries of school and take their part on the global stage.”

Estelle White Open

Estelle White, Open

 Kelly Liang The smell of home

Kinanna Huangzhao, Presence

Kelly Liang The smell of home

Kelly Liang, The Smell of Home

 Xiao Tong Connie Luo Connie

Xiao Tong (Connie) Luo, Connie


The Lauriston Arts Association (LAA) has played a crucial role in recognising our rich and diverse visual arts program and the wonderful artists the School has produced. This year the LAA Acquisition Prize was awarded to Yuer Gong’s installation ‘P.O.V. (Point of View)’, pictured as main image. Principal Susan Just chatted with David Morrison about the Acquisition Prize and the role of the LAA earlier this year: