The impact a needs-based scholarship has on the lives of young women is transformative. A scholarship to Lauriston is not just about academic excellence. It is about looking for well-rounded, passionate and curious students who want to contribute to our school community and help make a change to the lives of others.

Lauriston cultivates leadership and depth of character through a multitude of opportunities and experiences – from sport and music performances to community service and pastoral care. Scholarships provide students with these learning and life opportunities that benefit not only the recipients themselves but provide great value to our School community.

The 2022 Launchpad Scholarship is Lauriston's response to what Principal Susan Just sees as a critical need to prepare our girls for the ever-changing landscape of workplace and encourage confidence and creativity in pursuing STEM-related careers.

“The community at Lauriston Girls’ School gains a really important layer from scholarship students. These are young women who are energised by coming to school every day. They want to make a broad contribution to the school, they want to make solid friendships and have a sense of belonging. Scholarship students can positively influence everybody at a school.

We see STEM as critical to the future of our community. As such, we have introduced the Launchpad scholarship as part of our ongoing commitment and passion for young women to explore the wondrous opportunities STEM careers offer.

This inaugural 2022 Launchpad Scholarship Launchpad scholarship will be awarded to a student entering into Year 10 in 2022, and will combine a focus on STEM teaching with personalised curriculum-building and wellbeing initiatives. Our goal is to encourage interests and broaden study choices beyond maths and science to subjects such as Systems Engineering, Aviation and Space Science, and Web and Mobile app development. The scholarship is specifically designed to develop confidence in digital technologies, digital fabrication and design thinking.”

The Launchpad Scholarship has been developed in collaboration with Lauriston’s innovative three-year Launchpad at Senior College program, which is specifically designed to help girls maximise outcomes in their final years.

We asked three young scholarship recipients who are successfully paving their way in their chosen fields to share their stories.

Manasa (2013)

Scholarship Manasa FINAL

I have an older brother who was unable to attend School because of an intellectual disability. As a consequence, I always knew I wanted to study neuroscience or neurology and be a part of the advancement and development of science in this area.

I have completed an undergraduate degree in biomedicine at Melbourne University and am now studying my Doctor of Medicine with the aim of pursuing a career in surgery. My time at Lauriston sparked an interest in the environment and I have continued this interest by joining the Doctors for the Environment organisation.

I believe scholarships play an important role in the School. In addition to providing financial aid to girls like myself who may not have been able to experience a Lauriston education, scholarships also encourage diversity within the School.

Penny (2012)

Penny Latham cropped

At Lauriston we were always encouraged to participate and contribute to the School community, and to pursue our interests. A highlight for me was helping to organise the Cabaret Night: we had a lot of agency in shaping the night and it was great to give back to the community.

Studying music in-depth in the last three years of school really sparked my interest in pursuing it as a career. I completed a Bachelor of Music and a Diploma in Languages, then completed a Master of Teaching – all at the University of Melbourne. I now enjoy working as a qualified music teacher.

I was fortunate to receive a Music Scholarship while I was at Lauriston and am very appreciative of the experiences and opportunities it gave me. Receiving this scholarship really boosted my confidence as a musician and has significantly shaped my career.



Sharon (2012)

Sharon Gu cropped

At Lauriston I chose to complete the International Baccalaureate (IB), and although the program is challenging I always felt supported both by my teachers and by my classmates.

My other interests at school included swimming – I loved the competitive nature of the sport – and the symphonic orchestra and band. It was a great opportunity for making new friends and to be part of a team working together to create something much bigger than the individual.  

When I graduated, my initial thought was to study medicine, but I decided to study Commerce as I had really enjoyed studying Economics at school. After completing my undergraduate degree, I joined a large professional services firm as part of their graduate program. I have since qualified as a Chartered Accountant and will complete my Chartered Finance Analyst qualification in mid-2019.

Receiving a scholarship really did change the outcome of my education. It gave me the opportunity to attend Lauriston and pursue my interests across academics, sport and music. Of equal importance, it enabled me to develop friendships with some wonderful girls who continue to be a key part of my life beyond school.

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