As a forerunner in girls’ education for 120 years, Lauriston has a proud tradition of providing outstanding programs that not only set the benchmark but champions a progressive mindset.

Our next chapter puts new focus on health, sports, wellbeing and fitness, with the construction of our new Sports, Health & Wellbeing Precinct and Unified Junior School. Construction commenced in mid-December with an anticipated completion date of mid 2022.

The Sports and Health Precinct

The development of our new Sports and Health Precinct embodies the School’s commitment to the wellbeing and care of our girls. All Lauriston students of every age and skill level will have access to advanced facilities and innovative programs. Through sports, training and mindful movement, each girl will be able to build individual skills and competencies. She will also be able to measure and monitor her own progress and performance – an approach that will positively inform her through life.  


Unified Junior School

Currently our students in Prep to Year 2 have classrooms located at Blairholme, one block west from our main campus, which they walk to for access to the performing arts hall, library, pool and canteen. Our plan to unify the Junior School on one site will deliver multiple benefits including helping younger students develop a greater sense of belonging, providing older students with more leadership and mentoring opportunities; and enable teachers to explore differentiated learning techniques and better meet individual learning needs. Learning from challenges, and experiencing both success and failure all together, will help our students to grow and flourish along life’s journey.

The works will transform the existing gymnasium into a new learning centre for Year 5 and 6 students and link it via a hub for Prep students to modern classrooms for Years 1 and 2 inside our Victorian era house, Montrose. 

 These light, spacious learning spaces will also provide easy access to a new outdoor play area, dedicated for the Junior School.

Outdoor play area

We are looking forward to the completion of these 21st century facilities, confident that we are securing the future of a world-class education for our girls.