VCE Pathways

The majority of VCE graduates in our Class of 2021 are set to pursue tertiary studies, with a number also receiving an offer before the results are released. 

We chatted with Ella who received an early offer on the basis of her all-round capabilities.  During her time at Lauriston, Ella achieved Distinctions for English, Australian History, Psychology and Global Politics. She also represented Lauriston in Netball, Rowing, Swimming, Tennis, Soccer, Basketball, participated in House Drama and Music and took up various volunteering opportunities. 

We also chatted with Class of 2021 graduate Bella who will also be attending ANU with an early offer for a Bachelor of Science. During Bella’s time at Lauriston, she demonstrated an aptitude in STEM subjects, leadership qualities as a School Prefect and was heavily involved in sport receiving an Academic Distinction in Physical Education, while also participating in choir, debating and volunteering.  

Ella, what have you enjoyed most about Lauriston?

The best thing hands down about Lauriston was Howqua. It was so much fun. I learnt so much about myself and developed many new skills outside of the academic program. 

What makes Lauriston so unique is that you get the opportunity to develop personal skills and attributes that set you up for life. 

I also loved the fact that we were able to choose from a wide range of subjects in VCE. For example, I got to learn about Global Politics, Australian History and Psychology, which were all interesting and allowed me to explore my passions. 

Did you feel the teachers supported you?

All the teachers at Lauriston are willing to give up their free time to help you learn. They also set you up really well for the exams by conducting trial exams and providing extra resources, so you felt really prepared.

What attracted you to ANU?

My brother started studying at ANU a couple of years ago and has had an absolute blast, so since then I really have had my heart set on going there. For the first two years I will be staying at Burgmann College which looks like it has a great culture, and it will allow me to meet new friends. 

Why did you choose to pursue further study in the Arts/Law area?

I loved doing legal studies as part of my VCE course and eventually I want to study Law. I have accepted an early offer for a double degree in Social Science, Arts, Business and Science as this aligns with my interest areas and will enable me to get a broader education than I would just studying law straight up. 

Why did you apply for an early offer?

I felt it was great to be in the secure knowledge that I had something lined up for 2022 – because I wanted to go straight onto further study. Ms D’Altera, our Careers Advisor was really supportive in the process as it was quite involved. The main thing about an early offer is they don’t just count the marks, they look at your extra-curricular activities and your drivers and motivations. I think that’s a really positive thing as that reflects what employers will look for too. 

Bella, what have you enjoyed most about your time at Lauriston?

It’s all been great but a particular highlight was Howqua. It was the best thing I’ve ever done. Howqua pushed me to become a risk taker and throw myself into everything even if it is daunting. This challenging year matured me and allowed for my confidence in myself to grow. After completing the year, I was a changed person and I feel capable of achieving whatever I put my mind to.

What inspired you to pursue further studies in STEM?

I love the Maths and Sciences, particularly Chemistry and Methods. All the Lauriston teachers are great but the Maths department is particularly amazing. I started with Lauriston at Year 7 and throughout my time I have had fantastic Maths teachers. I never struggled because they offered help every lunchtime. I think Lauriston teachers support their students really well. 

I also did work experience at CSIRO, arranged through the Lauriston careers counsellor, which I found really inspiring. 

What prompted you to apply for an early offer?

I wanted to have something locked in after the stress of all the lockdowns. It was actually quite an involved process. I had to write a little about myself, my subjects, my extra-curricular activities and provide my Year 11 report and references. 

What attracted you to ANU?

I love the idea of living on campus at Wright Halls which are their newly built student residences. ANU also has a good reputation and I know people who go there who love it.