Community Service

Connecting through community service

Working to help others is an intrinsic part of life at Lauriston. Being involved in community service activities enables our girls to understand different perspectives, provides them with a sense of purpose and the opportunity to use their strengths and capacities to contribute to a greater cause.   

Our Girls in Values Education (GIVE) Program covers local, national, and global organisations and likewise, is built to develop an awareness and understanding of others. We build bridges between the Lauriston community and people of diverse backgrounds, cultures, ages, wealth, and social positions. This connection is a vital part of social change.

Community Service is also scaffolded through the Duke of Edinburgh Program and through the core subjects in the IB Diploma.

Grassroots approach

At Lauriston, our girls take a hands-on involvement in causes they support. It gives them an understanding of the tangible difference they can make in other people’s lives.

Each Lauriston year level supports a different organisation, and we will often bring a speaker into the school to ensure our efforts are grounded in purpose and to develop a deeper awareness of community issues. Organisations we support include the Breast Cancer Network Australia Pink Day, Police Citizens Youth Club in St Kilda, the Youth in Philanthropy Program, the Robert Connor Dawes Foundation, Very Special Kids Foundation, Run Melbourne, Run for the Kids, and MECWA aged care. We also provide meaningful support for Children’s Ground in Alice Springs, which is a 25-year approach to education.

In addition, Lauriston Girls’ School supports several local, grassroots organisations with a Casual Clothes Day each term. We also hold numerous collections throughout the year to support the Malvern Emergency Food Program, books, and toys for Stonnington mothers doing it tough, coats for St. Kilda Mums, second hand sporting goods for Boots for All and many more. Students can also volunteer as ‘Friday Night Tutors’ during each term, assisting migrant and refugee students from non-English speaking backgrounds.

Meet our Community Service Coordinator

Sarah Jessup is passionate about the organisations she has chosen for our School to work with and takes the time to get to know the individuals who run them and the people who benefit from their support. She is continually looking for new ways to make a contribution to the broader community and wants our girls to know they can make a difference to the lives of others.