Teaching & Learning

Early Learning to Year 12

Literacy and numeracy are at the heart of developing courageous lifelong learners

Thoughout her educational journey, the Lauriston student engages in a comprehensive and rewarding curriculum.

Blairholme | Language skills and mathematical proficiency are two of the keys that unlock a child’s future

At Lauriston Kindergarten, we establish the foundations of literacy through a child’s enjoyment of texts, building a knowledge of grammar, honing listening skills, and building familiarity with new communication technologies. We do this by listening and talking in small groups, reading stories, and discussing them, using technology, and weaving real world examples into play, such as menus and signage. Mathematical concepts such as distance, weight and quantities are learned naturally through guided play. It allows every child to develop a solid understanding of numbers, learn to count fluently, and then reason and problem solve using simple mathematical challenges. Along with the vital work of developing pre-numeracy and literacy capabilities, we have planned programs to develop skills in STEM, the creative arts and celebrate culture within our curriculum, to broaden the children’s understanding of themselves and their place in the world.

Junior School | Where we begin honing each girl’s independent thinking skills, building her confidence in STEM subjects, and instilling a sense of purpose through contribution.

A well-rounded Junior School education balances building a student’s broad knowledge base with the development of specialist skills, with rigorous attention paid to literacy and numeracy. The Lauriston Inquiry Framework – Ask, Investigate, Create, Discuss, Reflect – will help your daughter grow into a curious and resourceful woman who can confidently articulate and apply what she knows. In our Junior School, students are encouraged to form their own questions about a topic or subject and then explore answers using the processes of English, Mathematics and the Arts to develop and express their understanding of the world around them. Learning programs are also designed to the needs of each student, providing extension opportunities or greater support as needed, with the aim of building strong academic foundations that prepare girls for a lifetime of learning.

Howqua | Resilience, leadership and courage. They are life skills that are gained at Howqua that no textbook can ever adequately teach.

Howqua delivers an immersive residential academic program complemented by an integrated wellbeing, outdoor and fitness program resulting in cohort connectiveness and greater engagement in life. Despite the non-traditional learning environment, traditional academic disciplines hold an important place at Howqua. The curriculum is designed so that students continue to build upon skills developed in Years 7 and 8. Classes in Mathematics, Science, Humanities, English, Mandarin and French continue, along with comprehensive Music and Art programs. As with everything at Howqua though, teachers never miss an opportunity to tailor subjects to make the most of the natural setting. The Howqua environment offers a robust, five-day core subject academic program, plus a range of electives designed to provide the girls choice and deeper engagement with learning as they consider the future.

Senior School | Learning at Lauriston goes beyond the classroom, developing knowledge and skills to prepare our girls for life.

Lauriston offers a broad-based curriculum that views local, national and global issues through multiple lenses, requiring our students to challenge their thinking on a daily basis. It allows for choice and balances critical and creative thinking with up to 28 subjects available to students by Year 12, with new subjects continuously introduced to reflect a dynamic world. Our education is designed to secure the foundations in literacy and numeracy, digital, data literacy and meta-cognitive skills, along with social and emotional and physical skills which sustain wellbeing. Students can choose one of two Senior Secondary Certificates in Year 11 and 12; the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) and the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma. The equal commitment at Lauriston to both certifications, each of which provide entrance to tertiary institutions locally and overseas, enables students the choice of a program of work that suits their outlook, interests, and academic goals.

World class teaching

Highly experienced, passionate and diverse, our educators are supported by a professional development program that ensures they remain at the leading edge of teaching throughout their careers. 

While our staff focus on academic development and performance, they are just as concerned with overseeing a girl’s emotional and social growth. Our students consistently comment that their teachers are both generous with their time and proactive in reaching out with support.  

This holistic approach is well reflected in both our girls’ NAPLAN growth, strong academic results and their contributions to the community.

“When you meet Lauriston girls, you will recognise them. They will be the ones asking the questions. You will recognise their self-assurance and their courage to challenge the status quo. They will be the ones grounded in the community but with a world view.”

― Sophie Tissot (OL 2009)

Our teaching faculties

Each day at Lauriston, our girls are delivered into the care of passionate, capable, diverse thinkers whose aim is to create safe, inclusive learning environments where students are supported to be their best.  

Many of our teachers have authored textbooks, are assessors, sit on national professional learning committees and have been recognised through industry awards.