Teaching & Learning

Prep to Year 12

World class teaching

Highly experienced, passionate and diverse, our educators are supported by a professional development program that ensures they remain at the leading edge of teaching throughout their careers. 

While our staff focus on academic development and performance, they are just as concerned with overseeing a girl’s emotional and social growth. Our students consistently comment that their teachers are both generous with their time and proactive in reaching out with support.  

This holistic approach is well reflected in both our girls’ NAPLAN growth, strong academic results and their contributions to the community.

“When you meet Lauriston girls, you will recognise them. They will be the ones asking the questions. You will recognise their self-assurance and their courage to challenge the status quo. They will be the ones grounded in the community but with a world view.”

― Sophie Tissot (OL 2009)

Our teaching faculties

Each day at Lauriston, our girls are delivered into the care of passionate, capable, diverse thinkers whose aim is to create safe, inclusive learning environments where students are supported to be their best.  

Many of our teachers have authored textbooks, are assessors, sit on national professional learning committees and have been recognised through industry awards.