Senior School

Years 7 to 12 at Lauriston Girls' School

Lauriston Senior School

At Lauriston, we inspire strong, courageous, and adaptable thinkers. Young women who, when they see the need for change, seize the opportunity to drive it.

More than simply a school, Lauriston is an inclusive and supportive community with an enviable academic pedigree, world-class educators, partnerships with global and local universities and co-curricular programs that are designed to produce true global citizens.

Open-minded, critical thinkers, who are well equipped to adapt to the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow.

Lilian Bayly - Year 7 & 8

Transition to secondary school can be daunting and Lauriston works with each student to support her through this period of new subjects, new teachers and new friends. Students are challenged daily in a supportive and inclusive environment and are encouraged to take part in the larger world.

Situated over two floors the Year 7 & 8 Lilian Bayly Centre contains open plan and dedicated learning spaces and is designed to encourage linked learning across the two years. It gives students in Years 7 and Year 8 a unique sense of belonging while meeting the specific learning, physical and social needs of girls in this age group.

Transition begins early at Lauriston, with a comprehensive Year 6 to Year 7 transition program preparing girls for their entry to Senior School. The program begins in Term 3 of Year 6 and comprises workshops, mentoring days and participation in activities with current Year 7 girls.

Girls who will be new to the school in Year 7 are invited to attend these sessions. Similar sessions are held for parents ensuring that all new families to Lauriston feel welcome and supported. In addition, the Year 7 camp is held in the first few weeks of the year to help the girls establish friendships in a fun environment. 

Focus and philosophy

To support our linked learning philosophy, our Year 7 and 8 House Tutors keep their desks inside the Lilian Bayly Centre. This ensures that they are always available to the students while also building a sense of community.

Once our Year 7 students develop confidence in their new environment they are ready to participate in School activities including sports, community service and the extracurricular program alongside their main subjects and their peers in Year 8.

Year 7 and 8 students study two languages, French and Mandarin, as well as English, a full complement of the Arts, Science, History, Physical Education and Mathematics. Pastoral Education and Information Technology are integrated into the overall curriculum.

From Year 7, girls also participate in Lauriston’s student wellbeing program ‘SHINE’ (Strength, Health, Inspire, Nurture and Engagement). The SHINE Program is held every Wednesday during assembly time and provides the girls with the opportunity to consider topics including, mindfulness, time management, organisation, study skills, relationships, resilience and emotional intelligence. SHINE continues through to Year 12 as is part of a Lauriston girl’s weekly routine.

In Year 8 girls participate in two dedicated programs both designed to challenge and extend their learning. The CityCite program, based in Melbourne’s CBD, aims to encourage independence, self-confidence and autonomy through learning in the ‘real world’. The popular Activ8 program has been designed to help students develop confidence in the outdoors. Activ8 includes an overnight team-building camp and optional weekend activities that broaden outdoor experience and help students prepare for the outdoor program at Howqua.

For both Year 7 and Year 8 girls, the focus in the Lilian Bayly Centre is on ensuring that the early years of their Senior School journey are productive, rewarding, challenging and memorable.

Howqua - Year 9

Year 9 is a crucial period of change in a girl’s life, one where she needs to feel supported and actively challenged, to develop the resilience to be an effective agent of her own destiny.

That’s why the year-long Howqua program, with the campus situated in the Victorian High Country near Mansfield, continues to be a pivotal and life-changing part of the Lauriston journey. 

Alongside our Academic and Wellbeing Program, the Outdoor Program is one of the key elements of the year at Howqua. As well as developing a high level of fitness, by taking on new challenges, the girls develop a deeper understanding of themselves, a greater sense of independence and a healthy respect for teamwork and communication.  

Please download our Howqua brochure to find out more, or visit our Howqua website

Senior College - Year 10 to 12

Underlying the Lauriston educational philosophy for years 10 to 12 is a focus on building confidence and making connections with students and teachers. This focus is evident in the sense of community throughout the whole of the school.

Our extensive curriculum options include a choice of VCE or International Baccalaureate (IB), supporting individual strengths and learning preferences and helping to maximise personal and academic outcomes, and as a result, University choice.  

Beyond academic excellence and choice, we also focus on equipping students with the 21st-century skills – the knowledge, values and experiences – that they need in order to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

We believe in an education for life, with every achievement another step in our proud history of helping to develop tomorrow’s leaders, thinkers and doers. Visit our Old Lauristonians’ Association page to see what you can achieve when you graduate with a Lauriston education. 

Focus and philosophy

o support our learning philosophy, our Year 10s, 11s and 12s have access to an integrated wellbeing program which supports them to build the emotional resilience needed to thrive in the face of the demands of their final years.

For those joining Lauriston in Years 10 or 11, our Launchpad transition plan ensures students transition seamlessly into the Senior College. Through a rigorous appraisal of academics, wellbeing and wellness requirements, we ensure that every student is truly known and ready to thrive.

Inclusivity and active participation is supported by the House System which enables the girls to build  relationships across year levels and participate in friendly House competitions, including sport, debating, public speaking, music, and drama. In senior years, each House has a tutor group, giving students a forum to discuss day-to-day concerns with a mentor and their peers, and focus on areas of need, such as study skills, time management, dealing with challenges, or honing leadership abilities.

Every girl is provided with the opportunity for strong academic achievement through excellent teaching practice and an authentic desire of teachers and tutors to support them to ensure their success.

The progress of students is tracked from the Junior School using NAPLAN and other performance measures to ensure we’re able to supply individual growth.

From Year 10 there is a broad range of electives providing the girls choice and control over their subjects. In Year 10 we encourage students to not only pick subjects that are familiar but also try new things, to develop new interests. 

Our electives range from media, film advertising to literature, history, geography, maths, aviation and space science to philosophy an entrepreneurship.  Electives are offered in semester length and 12 month options. 

In Years 11 and 12, the girls have the choice of studying their International Baccalaureate (IB) or the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE).

Through cultivating self-reflection, collaborative learning and community engagement as well as encouraging students to pursue their passions and interests, the IB provides students with a broad education and supplies the tools to become active, contributing members of a global community. 

The VCE pathway enables students to specialise in subject areas. We offer our VCE students a wide range of subjects in Year 11 (22 subjects) and in Year 12 (28 subjects) to enable them to discover and pursue the areas which inspire and interest them.

There are also a wide range of co-curricular activities available to the girls as well as some exciting overseas trips and tours to enable them to develop their footprint as global citizens.