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A true partnership between parents, students, and School.

One of the most common reasons students give for their love of Lauriston is the deep sense of community and inclusiveness they experience here.  

Our single sex learning environment ensures girls are free to explore without the influence of gender stereotypes and our program is anchored to the School’s values of courage, relationships, intellectual curiosity, creativity and engagement in life.  

It’s a broad, deep academic curriculum delivered by world-class educators skilled at nurturing confident, socially conscious young women, ready to embrace every opportunity that life offers.  

Vanessa McDonnell                                  Natalie Fanariotis
Acting Head of Senior School                  Deputy Principal – Wellbeing

Lindy Grahn
Assistant Principal – Learning & Innovation


“Many talk about changing the world. We nurture women who can make it happen.”

― Susan Just, Principal

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The Lauriston difference

At Lauriston, we inspire strong, courageous, and adaptable thinkers.  

More than a school, Lauriston is an inclusive and supportive community with an enviable academic pedigree, world-class educators, partnerships with global and local universities and co-curricular programs that are designed to produce true global citizens. 

Open-minded, critical thinkers, who are well equipped to adapt to the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow. 

A wealth of choice 

One of Lauriston’s great strengths is that our curriculum options include both the VCE and International Baccalaureate (IB)It’s a choice that supports a girl’s individual learning preferences, helps maximise personal and academic outcomes and as a result, her University and career options.  In addition, Lauriston’s extensive Co-curricular Program develops our girls’ creativity, curiosity and persistence and helps them forge relationships via a range of opportunities including Sport, Music, Drama and Clubs. 

This begins well before years 11 and 12, however in Senior School, the Program expands to include, among many others, Debating and Public Speaking, Amnesty International, Environment Club, Making and Coding Club, Pride Club and the Model UN Club.  

A vibrant community 

Inclusivity and active participation are supported by the House System, which sees the girls build relationships across year levels and participate in friendly House competitions, including sport, debating, public speaking, music, and drama.  

In the senior years, each House has a tutor group, giving students a forum to discuss day-to-day concerns with a mentor and their peers, and focus on areas of need, such as study skills, time management, dealing with challenges, or honing leadership abilities.

A school for life 

More than simply a school, Lauriston is an inclusive and supportive community with an enviable academic pedigree, world-class educators, partnerships with global and local universities and co-curricular programs that are designed to produce true global citizens. 

Lauriston is a place that’s inspired generations of strong, courageous, and adaptable thinkers. Young women who, when they see the need for change, seize the opportunity to drive it. 

"One of the things students say they most value about Lauriston Girls' School is the deep sense of community they experience here"
― Anne Wallington - Deputy Principal & Head of Senior School
"When you meet Lauriston girls, you will recognise them. They will be the ones asking the questions. You will recognise their self-assurance and their courage to challenge the status quo."
― Sophie (OL 2009)
"Lauriston is designed for a well-rounded student - there is not only a focus on academic rigour but on participation and involvement in co-curricular, community service and house activities."
― Yuan (OL 2004)
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Lauriston one of Melbourne’s best schools?

The statistics certainly bear that out. Lauriston consistently ranks in the top schools in Victoria for Year 12 results

However, we believe it’s our combination of best practice teaching, an innovative curriculum and support structures that help each student improve over time that sets our girls up for academic success. 

We’re also committed to building a young woman’s character.  

From explicitly teaching social skills in our wellbeing programs and encouraging our students to participate fully in co-curricular activities, to challenging them through our unique Howqua Year 9 program we expect our girls to persevere when things get difficult, right wrongs and contribute to an ever changing world. 

What are the benefits of an all-girls high school?

We’re asked this question often and it’s something we’re passionate about. Research proves that girls thrive in an all-girls environment. They do better academically, socially and emotionally. 
At Lauriston, every aspect of teaching and learning is tailored to the needs of girls, developing their confidence and empowering them to pursue any direction their talents lead them. 
You can read research and articles about the benefits of an all-girls education for your daughter on the The Girl’s Advantagepage on our website.

How do I apply for high school at Lauriston?

Start by completing our Application for Admission and we encourage all new families to begin the application process as soon as possible. 

Applications are accepted at any year level depending on vacancies, however we currently have waiting lists for entry into several year levels. 

Students on a temporary residency visa are required to follow the steps under ‘International Enrolments How to Apply

Why should I choose Lauriston as a high school for my daughter?

At Lauriston we understand that learning doesn’t occur without wellbeing. So we work hard to ensure academic success by hiring supportive teachers who are invested in our students and explicitly teach them how to be resilient, connect with their peers, and contribute to the community where they live and learn. 

This educational philosophy is implemented in every year, but it’s most  prominently displayed during our unique Year 9 program when students live on our Howqua campus in the Victorian High Country.  

There, they undertake a full academic curriculum as well as learning how to live together in a tight-knit community and support each other through a challenging outdoor program. 

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