Student Futures & Pathways

Preparing students for their future pathways

To prepare students for a world where multiple career changes are the norm Lauriston’s Student Futures and Pathways Program enables them to explore the range of career options available and access timely careers counselling and subject selection guidance.

The journey begins in earnest in Year 7, when our Year Level Coordinators and Academic Advisors help students develop their first Career Action Plan. In Year 10, Lauriston’s dedicated Careers Co-ordinator introduces girls to the Careers’ Readiness Program, where they learn job seeking skills, have access to lectures by guest speakers from major Universities and attend the annual Futures and Pathways Expo, which features keynotes and panel sessions made up of alumnae, who discuss their experiences of transitioning out of school and into careers in a wide range of fields. Student futures support continues throughout Year 11 and 12. 

Our ebook provides insights into the new world of work and how we at Lauriston prepare our students to thrive in their future workplaces.

“The future is widely misunderstood. Our forebears expected it to be pretty much like the present which had been pretty much like their past. Projecting our pasts onto our futures exposes a fundamental error- linear thinking can never catch up and adapt to the perpetual, pervasive and exponential change occurring around us because it is too fast and complex.”

― Ray Kurzweil