Early Learning 


Inspired by Reggio Emilia, our Early Learning program is a celebration of childhood.

Lauriston’s co-educational Early Learning program is a place where children feel loved, respected, and valued.

Our highly trained and attentive educators deliver 3-year-old and 4-year-old kindergarten curriculums grounded in robust inquiry and play-based learning which supports children as they build social skills, solve problems, indulge their curiosity and engage with the world around them. 

The end result is children who express themselves confidently, have solid foundations in literacy and numeracy and love to learn.

We welcome you to our Kindergarten, to see for yourself the inclusive community we nurture and the learning opportunities for your child. 

Fiona Ireland
Director of Kindergarten

“The imperative to give all children a strong early start is more and more pressing. Children’s early experiences have a profound and long-lasting impact on individual children’s well-being and happiness during childhood, as well as their later life outcomes.”

― OECD Early Learning Matters Report, 2018

The importance of a quality kindergarten

A growing body of research highlights just how vital a quality kindergarten education is in establishing a child’s emotional maturity, self-esteem, resilience, and capacity to learn.

At Lauriston, this comes through a careful combination of structured and free play that we believe is crucial in the development of intellectual, social, physical and emotional skills.

Along with the vital work of developing pre-numeracy and literacy capabilities, our planned Kindergarten programs develop skills in STEM, the creative arts and an appreciation of culture, to broaden the children’s self-awareness and empathy with others.

When your child becomes a part of our Kindergarten community, our dedicated and passionate educators seek to both know and understand them as individuals. It’s a connection that allows us to help reveal their ideas, positively challenge their thinking, and develop their sense of identity.

This comes through an emphasis on interaction with people, materials, and real-life situations to help each child establish their foundational physical, social, emotional, and cognitive skills. It’s a grounding that’s seen Lauriston’s Kindergarten create generations of confident, lifelong learners. 

With these foundational skills, children have the best chance of managing the world around them, forming healthy relationships, overcoming sadness, disappointment and frustration, and expressing emotions in socially acceptable ways.  

By nurturing a collaborative dialogue with our students, Lauriston’s early childhood educators guide the children to develop the skills needed to achieve throughout their time at school and beyond.

The Lauriston difference

When your child becomes a part of our Kindergarten community, our dedicated and passionate educators seek to both know and understand them. It’s a connection that allows us to reveal their ideas, positively challenge their thinking, and develop their sense of identity.

Quality Educators

At Lauriston, we have many of Australia’s best. Educators who collaborate with each child to identify their interests and opportunities to learn. By building this relationship with each child, they guide them in achieving tasks, while developing their skills, aptitudes, and confidence.

Deep Learning

Kindergarten is a child’s most important developmental window. So, along with developing pre-numeracy and literacy skills, our educators have created programs to develop capabilities in STEM, foster a love of the creative arts and celebrate culture. Together, they broaden the children’s understanding of themselves and their place in the world.

A focus on wellbeing

At Lauriston, children learn that making friends is all about kind acts and kind thoughts; about showing empathy and caring for each other. The innate sense of wellbeing this instils enables children to confidently face the challenges of life beyond the kindergarten gates.

Bush Kinder

Unstructured play in nature lets children explore their environment, develop language skills, learn to negotiate and regulate their emotions. That’s why we’re passionate about our optional 4-year old Bush Kinder, held every Friday at the Urban Forest. It allows children time for games of imagination and creativity in the natural world.

New Facilities

In keeping with the importance of the early learning years in a child’s entire education journey, a building project is currently underway. This project will transform and re-imagine the learning and play spaces at Lauriston.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Lauriston's Kindergarten co-educational?

Yes, Lauriston’s Kindergarten accepts enrolments for both girls and boys.

What are your operating hours?

Our Kindergarten’s hours of 8.45 am – 3.00 pm reflect and respect the significant capacities of children to learn and develop in their early years. 

3-year-old Kindergarten  

  • Three days – 2 options available 
  • Four days – 1 option available (commencing 2024)

 4-year-old Kindergarten 

  • Four days – Monday to Thursday 
  • Bush Kinder - Fridays between 9.30am to 1.30pm (places are limited and parents must be able to drop off and collect their child)  

We also have Before & After School care available.

  • Before School Hours: 7.30am–8.45am
  • After School Hours: 3.00pm–6.00pm
  • Holiday Program Hours: 7.30am–6.00pm

         (Lauriston students only)

What specialist classes are offered at Lauriston Kindergarten?

Specialist classes are offered in both kindergarten years and include Music, Drama, Physical Education and Bush Kinder. It’s a broad program, enhanced by its connection to the wider School where students learn in a dedicated STEM lab, gym, pool, music, and drama facilities.

How can I enrol my daughter in primary school at Lauriston?

Simply complete ourApplication for Admission. We encourage all new families to begin the application process as soon as possible. 

Is my child ready for Prep?

Our ‘Ready for Prep’ checklist covers the key areas of early childhood development. It’s the perfect way to assess whether your child is ready for this important next step.

Download the Ready for Prep Checklist here

Does Lauriston have a childcare facility?

The Sutherland House childcare facility is located next to Lauriston's Kindergarten. Sutherland House operates from 7.30am–6.00pm and families are eligible for government childcare subsidies. To learn more or to enquire about enroling your child at Sutherland House, please contact Sarah Boardman on 03 9864 7621 or email boardmansa@lauriston.vic.edu.au

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