Parent Association

Lauriston Parents’ Association

The Lauriston Parents’ Association (LPA) plays an integral role in shaping and building the Lauriston community. They coordinate a range of activities and events and encourage participation in fundraising activities to support and enhance the School’s programs.

All parents who have a child at Lauriston’s Kindergarten, Junior School or Senior School are eligible to be involved and it is a wonderful way for parents to connect with other families and fully participate in community life at Lauriston.

Parents and Guardians interested in joining the LPA, an LPA group or are interested in becoming a Class Representative are encouraged to email Further information about the LPA is available on the Parent Central page of Schoolbox.

“At Lauriston, we value the partnership we have with our parents and believe that this greatly enhances the educational experience of our students.”

― Susan Just, Principal

Supporting the School

The Lauriston Parents’ Association has provided significant support to the School over many years. Through its fundraising efforts, the LPA has funded multiple projects and items including:

  • Commissioning the Dining Hall at Howqua 
  • Contributing to the Science and Technology Centre 
  • Contributing to the Ullmer Sports & Wellbeing Centre  
  • Purchasing computer pods for Blairholme 
  • Contributing to the Art & Visual Communication precinct 
  • Building the ‘LPA Centre’ for Student Services 
  • Providing data projectors in classrooms 
  • Purchasing the School’s grand piano 
  • Sponsoring the Year 10 ‘LPA United Nations Congress’ 
  • Developing video conferencing facilities between the Armadale and Howqua Campuses 
  • Donating a defibrillator to Howqua 
  • Establishing the LPA Innovation Fund

Lauriston Parents’ Association Groups

The Lauriston Arts Association (LAA)

Parents with an interest in the Arts are warmly invited to join the Lauriston Arts Association (LAA).  

The LAA is a group of parents whose aim is to promote and support the arts at Lauriston. The group offers practical support to the drama, music, art and visual communications departments by: 

  • Supplementing resources under the guidance of the staff of each department 
  • Awarding student prizes such as the annual Year 12 Art Acquisition prize, the Years 7-11 Encouragement Awards and the Award for Best Director at the House Drama competitions 
  • Developing initiatives for parents, such as art luncheons, theatre nights, music events and art exhibitions. 
The Lauriston SnowSports Association (LSSA)

Lauriston promotes participation and excellence in Snow Sports through a structured and well-resourced program and the support of staff, parents and past students. 

The aims of the LSSA are to support the School’s SnowSports Program in the following ways: 

  • The aims of the LSSA are to support the School’s SnowSports Program in the following ways: 
  • Bring the parents of Lauriston’s students together to help organise participation in SnowSports as well as competing in the name of Lauriston Girls’ School and engendering team spirit and camaraderie 
  • Raising funds to assist the School to develop a strong SnowSports Program 
  • Assisting School staff and coaches responsible for training of girls and administration of Interschools Competition
The Lauriston Rowing Association (LRA)

The Lauriston Rowing Association (LRA) is a community of Lauriston parents and guardians that provides support to the Lauriston Rowing program by: 

  • Helping support and develop the future of rowing at Lauriston Girls' School 
  • Fostering a strong Rowing Community through organising social functions for rowers and their families 
  • Ensuring our girls are fully supported at regattas 
  • Raise funds to provide capital equipment in the form of boats and other items for the rowing program 
  • Assisting School staff and coaches responsible for training of girls and competitions 
  • Helping fulfil the School's obligation to provide officials and marshals (BROs) at regattas 
The New and International Parents Association (NIPA)

In 2005 the New and International Parents' Association (NIPA) was established to support parents as they join the Lauriston community. The group primarily assists parents from across the globe who have chosen a Lauriston education for their child.  

NIPA aims to help welcome families to Melbourne and connect them with other Lauriston families and strengthen the communication between international parents and the School community.  

The group organises a range of social activities including mornings teas, book clubs and helps acknowledge a range of cultural celebrations throughout the year.  

The Fathers of Lauriston (FOL)

The Fathers of Lauriston (FOL) is passionate about connecting the fathers in our community and ensuring their daughters have opportunities throughout and beyond their time at Lauriston. 

The group arranges a number of events and helps support the LPA in its efforts to fundraise and enhance the School’s programs.