Scholarships at Lauriston

Scholarships at Lauriston reflect our core values which celebrate collaboration, community, contribution and academic excellence that goes beyond grades. Because at the heart of what we do is offer an education for life.

We believe in the pursuit of academic excellence, but we also hold dear a student whose authentic desire is to participate in all that is on offer at Lauriston Girls’ School. Our end goal is to create courageous, lifelong learners that add to the richness of our collective being. 

That’s why, as well as Academic and General Excellence Scholarships, we offer Foundation Scholarships and a sports scholarship, the Belinda Phillips Goldman Sachs Memorial Scholarship. While strong academic performance remains key, this broader platform offers us the opportunity to get to know each girl better, understand their motivations, passions, and their contribution to our community.

2026 Scholarships - Registrations will open October 2024