The Girls Advantage

Why a Girls School?

Empower your daughter to discover her full potential

Maintaining a single-sex environment at Lauriston is not about preserving a tradition. Rather, it’s based on research that shows girls thrive in an all-girls environment.  

Put simply, they do better academically, socially and emotionally. That’s because, as an all-girls school, we can tailor our teaching and environment to a girl’s needs at every stage of her learning journey. 

It empowers our girls with the confidence to follow whichever direction their talents lead them. For example, we don’t simply instil positive views about STEM subject areas, we convince girls of their ability to excel in them.  

Our safe, inclusive all-girls environment supports a girl’s entire wellbeing, building her self-esteem and sense of identity, giving her the courage to embrace life’s challenges and opportunities.  

Research findings

  • Single-sex schools create a culture of academic achievement for girls. 
  • Girls in girls’ schools are free to pursue academic excellence in any area they choose. 
  • Differences in brain development mean girls and boys learn at different rates. Girls’ schools tailor teaching to meet a girls’ specific learning needs at specific times to enhance educational outcomes.  
  • Statistics show girls from single-sex schools are more likely to defy gender stereotypes, pursuing academic excellence, university studies and careers in ‘gender atypical’ areas of science, technology, engineering, arts and maths (STEAM). 
  • Girls’ schools provide tailored, nurturing environments that lead to social, emotional and health benefits, including higher rates of participation in sport and a lower risk of bullying.  
  • Girls are free to develop a strong identity and sense of self.  
  • Girls are more confident and assertive in single-sex environments. 
  • Girls are encouraged to participate, lead, compete and take risks; advantageous career and leadership skills.

Additional research and articles

“At a single-sex school, girls are free to be to be themselves and flourish into exceptional young people.”

- Principal Susan Just