Our Results – 2023

Celebrating our Class of 2023

The Class of 2023 have demonstrated optimism, commitment and resilience that has enabled them to embrace their final year of secondary studies. Every student has been provided with the opportunity to achieve success through the commitment of their teachers, the support of their peers, and our School’s desire to support each individual.

We are excited to share with you the combined results of our 2023 VCE & IB  students, of whom we are incredibly proud. 

– Our combined median ATAR for 2023 was 89.75
–   8 % of our students received an ATAR of 99 or above
– 13 % of our students received an ATAR of 98 or above
–  49 % of our students received an ATAR of 90 or above  

“We are so proud of the Class of 2023 and are confident that these young women will find success in all walks of life. I acknowledge everyone for the part they have played in the incredible achievements of our students. In particular, the students themselves who have challenged themselves, encouraging and supporting each other every step of the way.” 
– Susan Just, Principal

VCE Results

With over 40% of our students achieving an ATAR over 90, and 10% achieving an ATAR over 98, our VCE results highlight the strength and breadth of our academic program, our unwavering support for each student’s individual journey, the expertise of our teachers, and the dedication and camaraderie of our girls.

Exceptional scores were achieved across the entire Year 12 cohort with a median ATAR of 86.05.

Four students scored perfect study scores of 50.

Freya Albrecht
ATAR 99.65

Beiang (Becky) Pang
ATAR 99.65

We congratulate Freya on her outstanding results in VCE – achieving an ATAR of 99.65.

Freya has made a valued contribution to our School and it is fitting that she was elected Co-Drama Captain in her final year, a role she has undertaken with enthusiasm and energy. Her award of Half Colours demonstrates the contribution she has made through her participation in House, Drama and Music. 

Freya has made a positive contribution to Drama and Music at Lauriston and demonstrated her House spirit through participation in House debating, drama, track and field since 2018, cross county since 2021, swimming, winter sport and music. Her contribution to House Drama as Director, Creative team member and Cast member over a number of years has been most appreciated.

In sport, Freya has been a member of tennis and netball teams, also participating in the Lauriston Netball Club. She has participated in both the Australian Rostrum Voice or Youth and the Rostrum Public Speaking Competition. 

Freya’s contribution to Music has resulted in participation in Lauriana, Lauriston Voices, Laurietta, Anthem Choir, The Trebelles over a period of three years. She has been a cast member of School Musicals on two occasions. It is fitting that Freya was awarded her Gold Music Badge for such consistent contribution to Music and was also awarded Distinctions for Laurietta and Lauriston Voices.

Freya’s talent as an actor, director and writer has enabled her to contribute to a School Play, House Drama, School Musicals and Middle School House Drama. While the COVID Pandemic put a halt to School performances for nearly three years, Freya’s acting skills shone through in the early years of secondary school and more recently in House Drama performances.

It has been a pleasure to observe Freya as she has moved through primary and secondary school. Her energy and charisma draw you to her and Freya’s intelligence shines through in every encounter.”

Susan Just – Principal


Congratulations to Beiang (Becky) Pang who has achieved an outstanding ATAR of 99.65.

Beiang (Becky) has excelled in her studies. She has achieved an academic distinction for Year12 VCE Mathematical Methods & Specialist Mathematics, achieved a distinction in the Australian Mathematics Competition in 2023 and was the recipient of the RH Street Memorial Award for Mathematics VCE.  

Beiang has positively supported her House through participation in cross country and winter sport. Her talents have also extended to being an accompanist for School Assemblies and participating in Chinese Help Club. 

“A sincere young woman, Beiang is well respected by her peers and teachers and we wish her success as she moves on to the next phase of her life.”

Susan Just – Principal



IB Results

Lauriston is committed to offering the International Baccalaureate as an alternative program to the VCE, and it has been running at Lauriston for over 30 years.

With 69% of our IB students achieving an equivalent ATAR over 90, and 50% achieving an equivalent ATAR over 95, our IB results highlight the commitment and organisation demonstrated by our students, and the support they have provided each other and received from our expert educators.

Strong scores were achieved across the entire cohort with a median score of 37.5 (94.9 equivalent median ATAR).

Aidi Han
IB Score 45

Congratulations to Aidi who is our 2023 IB Dux with a perfect score of 45 (ATAR equivalent of 99.95).

Aidi has proven herself to be an outstanding student with exceptional talent in several subjects. She has been awarded a number of distinctions and prizes in Literature, Economics, Mathematics and Sciences. 

Aidi has contributed to Lauriston across the full spectrum of co-curricular pursuits and has proven herself to be an outstanding musician, debater and sportsperson. This culminated in a prefect leadership role in 2023. She has endeared herself to staff and students alike with her positive, respectful and considerate manner. 

The Lauriston community has played an instrumental and irrevocable part in driving the holistic development of my person. It has been a privilege to spend my formative years in such an environment—beyond any academic or extracurricular achievements, it is the life-long connections and memories that I will remember and fondly look back upon in my later years.”

We wish Aidi much success as she moves into the next phase of her life. 

We also congratulate Yilin (Ellen) Zheng who achieved an IB score of 44, Andrea Carr who achieved an IB score of 43 and Tara Kasayapanand and Chloe Ting who both achieved scores of 42. 

Calliste Karamountzos
ATAR 99.55

Calliste’s positive and engaged mindset during her time at Lauriston has ensured she has excelled in her studies. Calliste has achieved Academic Distinctions for Year 11 VCE English, Psychology and Legal Studies and Year 12 Further Mathematics. She was the recipient of the LPA Award for Legal Studies.

“Calliste has a genuine desire to learn and a positive approach to her studies. Focused and independent, we wish her success as she moves into the next phase of her life.” 

Susan Just – Principal


Holly Rice
ATAR 99.45

Holly is an exceptional young woman with outstanding personal qualities and her contribution to Lauriston Girls’ School has been extensive. It is a fitting accolade that Holly was our Co-School Captain in her final year.

Holly has made a significant and enthusiastic contribution to our School throughout the years. For her House she has participated track and field and swimming over a number of years, cross country and netball. She has been a cast member and a member of the creative team for House Drama. 

Involvement in the co-curricular Music program has seen Holly participate in Laurietta, Lauriston Voices, Lauriana and Anthem Choir. She was a cast member in a school musical.

Holly has a positive and thoughtful manner which endears her to peers and teachers. She is well respected for her intelligence and personal qualities.”

Susan Just  – Principal

Yilin (Ellen) Zheng
IB Study Score 44

Ellen has been an outstanding academic student and contributor to the school for the duration of her time at Lauriston. She has achieved exceptional results in a challenging combination of subjects in her IB Diploma Programme, earning multiple academic distinctions and prizes in Mathematics and … It is remarkable that Ellen has been able to do this in addition to her contribution to the music programme in Symphonic Band and Anthem Choir, representing her school with style in DAV debating and also fulfilling the important responsibility as the editor of the Lauristonian. 

“Ellen brings a sharp intellect and a passion for learning to her classes and these will be wonderful attributes to take forward into the next phase of her life.”

Susan Just – Principal

Andrea Carr
IB Study Score of 43

Andrea has been a thoughtful, committed and highly disciplined member of her school, making contributions to all facets of school life across sport, music, drama and leadership. 

She gave an exceptional amount of time to the House Drama and Music and proved herself to be a talented leader and participant in both. Andrea somehow balanced all of these commitments with outstanding academic success across the board in a broad and challenging programme. She was an exceptional student in her Theory of Knowledge class securing the prize for the year group and she produced a really mature and insightful extended essay in Literature.  

“Andrea has been a thoughtful, committed and highly disciplined member of her school, making contributions to all facets of school life across sport, music, drama and leadership.”

Susan Just – Principal