Enabling new experiences

Lauriston’s extensive Co-curricular Program enables our students to develop their creativity, curiosity and persistence and forge relationships through a range of opportunities including Sport, Music, Drama and Clubs. These programs help the girls form views about a broad range of social and environment issues and builds confidence and connection with each other and the world around them. 

We encourage our students to pursue their interests and challenge them to explore every opportunity available to them. In the Junior School, students have a broad choice of co-curricular activities before, during and after school, including Swim Squad, Netball, Running, Coding, Chess, Ballet and Orchestra. By Years 5 and 6 there are more than 20 different co-curricular activities on offer, designed to develop minds and bodies, as well as team and leadership skills.  

In the Senior School, the Co-curricular Program includes Debating and Public Speaking, Duke of Edinburgh, Life Drawing, Art Extension, Rowing, Snowsports and Drama. In addition to the various Co-curricular offerings, students can attend a range of clubs (these clubs are run by the students with the support of our teaching staff) these include; the Environmental Club, Making and Coding Club, Pride Club, Model UN Club and the Sustainability Club. 

‘Lauriston is designed for a well-rounded student - there is not only a focus on academic rigour but on participation and involvement in co-curricular, community service and house activities.’

― Feng-Yuan (OL 2004)

Swim School

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