Physical activity at Lauriston

We believe that physical activity is integral to the physical and mental health of all students. We are dedicated to creating a culture that values physical exercise as a foundation for reducing isolation and fostering positive wellbeing through developing lifelong habits of physical activity and connections.  

Our students have access to a wide range of recreational, team and competitive sporting opportunities to develop skills in collaboration, confidence and resilience. 

Girls are encouraged to participate in friendly House sport events that build a strong spirit of camaraderie and provide invaluable opportunities to demonstrate leadership and courage. House sport events include netball, cross-country, athletics and swimming. 

As part of the interschool sport program, Lauriston is a proud member of the Girls Sport Victoria (GSV) in Years 7-12 and the School Sport Victoria (SSV) in Years 5 & 6. Weekly sport and recreational activities are compulsory from Years 5 to 10. 

Our Howqua program enables our students to continue their physical activity through curriculum Physical Education lessons, and in addition the fitness and outdoor program provide new physical challenges for our students. Outdoor Program activities are physically and mentally challenging, but there is considerable personal satisfaction when a hike is completed, or cross-country skiing skills are developed. The Outdoor Program and Fitness give attention to building self-confidence, self-esteem and a strong understanding of the value of collaboration when it becomes important to support your fellow students and teachers. 

Co-curricular Sport

There is a breadth and depth of sporting and recreational offerings for our students and everyone is encouraged to participate, regardless of skill level.  

Rowing at Lauriston

Rowing at Lauriston offers the girls a unique opportunity within our school sports. The teamwork and camaraderie that exists within rowing is unmatched amongst other sports, while the regatta days offer an exciting spectacle for those in the boat and on the river bank alike. The girls will be challenged to achieve their personal best in all areas of training. The training the girls undertake will develop their strength, technique and fitness while also assisting in development of interpersonal skills, resilience and determination.  

Lauriston Snowsports Team

Lauriston offers the opportunity for students to participate in the Lauriston SnowSports team. Disciplines offered include Alpine, Cross Country, Moguls, Skiercross, slope style and Snowboarding. The team competes at the Victorian Interschool Snowsports Championships at Mt Buller. Trials and competition occur throughout Term 3. 

Lauriston Netball Club

The Lauriston Netball Club (LNC) was established at the start of 2018. The LNC is open to all girls at Lauriston from Years 3-12 and acts as an opportunity for girls to play club netball for their school. Teams play out of Prahran Netball Association. Girls are selected into teams based on their ability and Teams are graded according to their year levels. Matches are played on Tuesday evenings. Training’s take place, from 6.45am-8am.  

For further information on Rowing at Lauriston, Lauriston Snowsports Team or the Lauriston Netball Club please refer to Schoolbox.  

Our Sporting Facilities

The Ullmer Centre provides our students access to world-class sporting facilities and learning spaces. It includes a new gymnasium with two multi-purpose indoor courts spaces for activities such as yoga, pilates, meditation, rowing, cycling and weight training; new showers and change room facilities; a learn-to-swim pool and refurbishment of the existing swimming pool. 

Following the completion of the new Early Learning Centre and the relocation of early learning to Blairholme, the sports and wellbeing precinct at Lauriston will be completed with four additional adjoining courts for outdoor sports including netball, tennis and two cricket nets along Malvern Road. Expected completion date for these outdoor courts will be in 2024. 

Ullmer Sports & Wellbeing Centre