Junior School

Prep to Year 6 at Lauriston Girls' School

A place to belong

Regardless of when she joins the Lauriston community, every girl is welcomed into a place that teaches the value of relationships, courage, creativity, intellectual curiosity and engagement in life to the full. 

Underpinned by the philosophy of ‘care, share and respect’, and taught by caring and passionate educators, the syllabus is broken down into core subjects and specialist programs, where continuous evaluation and reflection are key. 

A grass-roots community service program is embedded in each year, and on enrolment, students join one of four Houses where they develop connections, build a support network and forge lifelong friendships.

Focus and philosophy

Prep to Year 3

At this crucial stage of a girl’s development, a Lauriston education is dominated by ‘hands on’ learning and creative experiences, designed to spark and nurture her natural curiosity. 

The fostering of good relationships makes girls feel positive about themselves and helps them learn more effectively so that by Year 3, staff can gradually encourage greater independence, resulting in the strength of character and resilience that will stand our girls in good stead for their journey through the Junior School.

There is a strong emphasis on literacy and numeracy, as well as specialist and enrichment programs, including the study of Mandarin.

Throughout the Junior School, we ensure that that all girls are appropriately supported and challenged depending on their learning needs. 

Girls are also challenged through exposure to the Australian Developmental Curriculum (ADC). Lauriston was the first Independent School in Australia to be accredited to deliver the ADC and today the program runs in Prep and Year 1. It emphasises skill development and acquisition of understandings and skills through a balanced curriculum that actively engages children in investigations, play and explicit teaching.

Learn more about Lauriston’s ADC here.

Technology-based education also begins early at Lauriston, with Prep to Year 3 girls building their digital skills via coding incursions, a lunchtime STEM club and kinaesthetic experiences designed to explore programming languages. 

An education in the Arts is also a vital part of Lauriston life, with specialist music, drama and art programs designed to identify develop the girls’ creative talents and capabilities. 

Girls from Prep to Year 3 are also encouraged to develop their leadership skills through various responsibilities and opportunities such as speaking and performing at assemblies and mentoring younger students. Older students are, in turn, mentored by our Year 6s.

Year 4 to Year 6

The focus in these years is on encouraging greater independence and taking increased responsibility for learning in preparation for a smooth transition into the Senior School.

While the foundations of literacy and numeracy continue to be an important focus, the girls enjoy a truly comprehensive specialist program and a range of co-curricular experiences. students participate in a range of specialist subjects including art, drama, library, music, LOTE, and physical education. Students have the opportunity to participate in a range of extra-curricular activities including aerobics, chess, communication and speech, podcasting, dance, lunchtime drama, tennis, swimming and snow sports. 

Digital technology is a key and dynamic part of the program at Lauriston. The primary years are a time when students develop confidence and belief in their abilities as Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) learners and we’re committed to equipping our girls with the skill sets, tool sets and crucially, mindset to grasp opportunities and make a positive impact in the world they will inherit.

Building on previous years, the digital programs in Years 4-6 include developing IT capability through a Macbook program, and learning on cybersafety, digital design including robotics programs and digital fabrication using our FabLearn Lab. 

While guest speakers bring outside learning and additional best-practice back to Lauriston and a focus on careers, the School’s excursion program enables girls to extend their classroom learning within new contexts and environments. The students continue to develop independent learning skills. Our focus as educators is to ensure we cater for the learning needs of each individual. Our teachers work with our Individual Differences Coordinator to develop programs for those with specific needs for support or extension.

This is a time when girls are learning how to learn; to appreciate the value of focused inquiry and take ownership of their education journey. 

As part of their Inquiry Program, Year 5 students participate in a three-day conference exploring what it means to be courageous, via activities focused on communication, team building, problem-solving and trust. The girls learn to show courage in their everyday lives, and how that can help them overcome future challenges. 

Leadership skills are more finely honed through Years 4 to 6, with students having the opportunity to stand for election to the Student Representative Council (SRC), which meets regularly to discuss School issues.  

The School implements a distributed leadership model in Year 6 which gives every girl the opportunity to participate and assume responsibility as a Junior School leader. Year 6 girls are supported in their roles such as via the two-day leadership conference that kicks off their year.