Overseas Students

At Lauriston, students from many countries and cultures benefit from an outstanding academic and extra-curricular program.

Lauriston is a warm and welcoming school which values courage, relationships, and engagement in life. Students graduate as courageous young women, with the ability to collaborate, adapt and meaningfully contribute to society. 

The School welcomes overseas students from Year 5 to Year 12, who must live with a parent or close direct adult relative (aged 25 or older) while in Australia.

The overseas student enrolment process

Head of Admissions, Michelle McKay and Admissions Officer, Carol Wadsworth, oversee the enrolment process at Lauriston, which includes communicating with you throughout the admissions process. They take a personal interest in welcoming new families to the School and following them through their journey at Lauriston. 

If you would like to appoint an Education Agent to assist you with your application, you can find a list of the agencies which work with Lauriston agents.

Step 1: Application

We offer a limited number of places to overseas students and as such we encourage you to place your child’s name on our waitlist as early as possible by completing an Application for Admission.   

An application is not a guarantee of enrolment. 

The Application for Admission must be provided to the School, together with:

  • Payment of a non-refundable Application Fee
  • A copy of the child’s birth certificate
  • A copy of AEAS English test results (if available) 
  • A copy of the student's and parent's visas (if issued) 
  • A copy of the student's passport
Step 2: Pre-enrolment Documentation

The next step is to complete these two pieces of pre-enrolment documentation:

  • Enrolment Profile (completed and signed by parents/guardians)
  • Student Profile (completed by students)

Completion of these documents is not a guarantee of enrolment.

At this time, we ask you to submit any further supporting documentation, including:

  • 2 x most recent School Reports from the student’s current school (a translation on School letterhead is required if the report is not in English)
  • Reports from external providers, such as educational psychologist assessments (if applicable)
  • Medical reports (if applicable)  
  • Court orders relevant to your daughter’s custody or living arrangements (if applicable)

If your daughter has not been taught in English for at least the last two years, she will be required to sit an English assessment with Australian Education Assessment Services (AEAS). This may be completed in various countries and is valid for up to 12 months, so will need to be taken in the year prior to entry. 

The required scores are:

Year Level 

Minimum Application Score 

Score required prior to commencement 

Stanine Score 

Year 4-6 

26 or higher (6-12 weeks language) 

46 or higher 

5 or higher 

Year 7-8 

46 or higher (8-12 weeks language) 

71 or higher 

5 or higher 

Year 9* 

61 or higher (4-8 weeks language) 

80 or higher 

5 or higher 

Year 10 

61 or higher (8-12 weeks language) 

80 or higher 

5 or higher 

Year 11 

70 or higher (4-8 weeks language) 

80 or higher 

5 or higher 

Step 3: Review & Interview

If a place is available, the School will contact you or your education agent to arrange an enrolment interview. The interview will be with the Principal (for Years 7-12) or the Head of Junior School (for Years 5-6) and will be held online if you are overseas.  

The interview will determine if Lauriston Girls’ School is the right fit for your family.

An interview is not a guarantee of enrolment. 

Step 4: Offer of Enrolment

An offer of enrolment is conditional upon the Principal being satisfied as to the ability of the School to meet your daughter’s educational needs.

If an offer is made, To accept an Offer, parents or guardians must complete an Acceptance of Offer of Enrolment and make payment of the relevant fees by the due date.

Step 5: Confirmation of Enrolment

A Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) will be issued when all documents and fees have been received, together with details of where your daughter will be living in Melbourne.

When you submit your online visa applications to the Department of Home Affairs, you will be asked to provide evidence that you and your daughter have Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for the full duration of your stay in Australia.

It is your responsibility to apply for and renew visas.  Australian visa information is available at www.homeaffairs.gov.au  

Step 6: Transition and Orientation

Your child will be welcomed to Lauriston Girls’ School through our Transition & Orientation Program.

For further information please visit our Transitioning to Lauriston page.

Step 7: Enrolment Policies

We encourage families to read the enrolment policies.

If you have any questions, please contact our Admissions Team on +61 3 9864 7555 or admissions@lauriston.vic.edu.au

ESOS Legislation

Lauriston Girls’ School is bound by the National Code of Practice of Education and Training to Overseas Students 2019 (2018 National Code) and the VRQA Guidelines under the registration on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) to protect Overseas students.

The laws regulating international education in Victoria are:

  • Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000 (Commonwealth)
  • Education and Training Reform Act 2006 (Victorian)
  • National Code of Practice for Providers of Education And Training to Overseas Students 2018

This is the link to the legislation which governs Overseas student enrolment in Australia.

Lauriston’s CRICOS Provider Code is 00152F

Contact Admissions

We understand that choosing the right school is important, so if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to make an enquiry or contact the Admissions team on +61 3 9864 7555 or email admissions@lauriston.vic.edu.au