Year 5

Courage and confidence

While the foundations of literacy and numeracy continue to be an important focus here at Lauriston, the students enjoy a truly comprehensive specialist program and a range of co-curricular experiences in Year 5. Specialist subjects include MusicArtDramaPhysical Education and LOTE. 

The students learn two languages (Mandarin and French) and can participate in a range of extra-curricular experiences. Extra-curricular activities include aerobics, chess, communication and speech, podcasting, dance, lunchtime drama, tennis, swimming, and snow sports. 

Digital technology is a key and dynamic part of the program at Lauriston. Students are developing confidence and belief in their abilities as Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) learners. We prepare our students to be the creators of technology, not just its users. 

Guest speakers bring outside learning and additional best-practice back to Lauriston with a focus on wellbeing and careers. An extensive excursion program enables girls to extend their classroom learning within new contexts and environments.

Year 5 students also participate in a three-day conference exploring what it means to be courageous, via activities focused on communication, team building, problem-solving and trust. The girls learn to show courage in their everyday lives, and how that can help them overcome future challenges, as a foundation for their final year of Junior School.

"Lauriston gives us the courage to believe that when we set our minds to it anything is possible. The courage to be bold, daring and forward-looking to see beyond ourselves find ourselves and maybe like the Lauriston Girls who have gone before us, go on to change the world."
― Amelie (OL 2021)

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We have some very engaging and interesting Unit of Inquiry topics in Year 5:

  • Term 1: Courage – When the going gets tough, how do people set, face and overcome challenges in their lives?
  • Term 2: Our Changing World – How has human behaviour impacted on the climate of our world and what are the consequences of our actions? 
  • Term 3: Gold Discovery in Victoria – What events shaped the early history of Victoria and how did such events impact on Australian settlement and society
  • Term 4: Mini Entrepreneurs – The Smoothie Bar. How can we create a smoothie product and marketing campaign that promotes health and wellness within our community?

A new learning environment

The Year 5/6 Centre at Lauriston Girls’ School has state-of-the-art classrooms, modern technology, and a dynamic learning environment designed to inspire and support the growth of our students, while still preserving some of the historical elements of the existing building by renowned Melbourne Architect Daryl Jackson AO. We believe that the reminders of the gymnasium will help our students to understand the history of our School and the stories of those girls who came before them.

“With the echoes of sport and music, this building will now be layered with the sounds of learning, bonds of friendship and the foundations of leadership as the Year 5 and Year 6s make this their special place.” Claudette Leeming (OL 1991), Chair of School Council

As an integral part of the 10-year Masterplan, The Years 5 and 6 Centre, Ullmer Sports and Wellbeing Centre and the adventure playground have transformed our school by providing us with new spaces for learning and interacting together. The buildings are filled with light and have the flexibility we need to plan for a variety of learning activities. The adventure playground and the Prep to Year 3 playground have not only created space for physical activity but enabled a connection between the indoor learning spaces and the outdoors.