Creative Arts

Art at Lauriston is serious fun. We value skills, concepts, imagination, independence and self-expression.

The art journey at Lauriston begins by instilling the fundamentals of art with the aim of encouraging creativity, imagination, self-expression and independent learning to enable students to engage with art for the long term.  

From Kindergarten to Year 12, our teachers are welcoming, engaging and practice a philosophy to teach a student, not a class. They aim to provide a space free from the fear of failure and with the permission for students to tap into their vulnerability and to have fun.

“Lauriston teachers enable their students to choose their own mediums with the underlying intent to build trust, confidence and the skills to explore – ultimately developing a true sense of purpose.”

Art Program at Lauriston

In the Lauriston Senior School, the Art Program is defined by a commitment to developing both a practical and theoretical rigour that recognises art as an inherently intellectual subject, capable of deepening student’s understanding of themselves and the world around them. 

It is underpinned by a strong educator base, each an artist committed to developing their own skills and knowledge. Some of the positions held by the Lauriston Art educators include a VCAA State Reviewer for Art Making and Exhibiting, and Visual Communication Victoria Council members. 

From Prep to Year 6, the Visual Arts Program provides girls with the opportunity to celebrate creativity, imagination and self-expression, with specialist classes expertly curated and cadenced.  

In Year 7, there is a particular focus on the fundamentals of drawing, painting, printmaking and sculpture, with Year 8s beginning to develop the discipline of critical analysis and the vocabulary required to discuss and write about their projects from a theoretical perspective. At Howqua in Year 9, students study Australian Impressionists and their unique ability to interpret the landscape and reflect their environment exploring ceramics, water colour, print and drawing while continuing to build formal skills in the language of art.  

In Year 10, the streams of Visual Arts focus on exploring themes of identity and the world around us.

In Year 11 and 12, students choose from a range of units. It is where the recording of process becomes key to the understanding of the art and design process, the creative journey and the ability to problem solve.

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