Year 7

For Year 7 girls, the focus is on ensuring that the early years of their Senior School journey are productive, rewarding, challenging and memorable.

Transitioning to secondary school can be daunting and Lauriston works with each student to support her through this period of new subjects, new teachers and new friends. 

Transition begins early at Lauriston, with a comprehensive transition program preparing girls for their entry to Senior School. The program begins in Term 3 of Year 6 and comprises workshops, mentoring days and participation in activities with current Year 7 girls. The Year 7 camp is held in the first few weeks of the year to help the girls establish friendships in a fun environment. 

The Year 7 & 8 Lilian Bayly Centre contains open plan and dedicated learning spaces and is designed to encourage linked learning across the two years. It gives students in Years 7 a unique sense of belonging while meeting the specific learning, physical and social needs of girls in this age group.

Once our Year 7 students develop confidence in their new environment, they are ready to participate in School activities, including sports, community service and the extracurricular program, alongside their main subjects, which include two languages, French and Mandarin, as well as English, a full complement of the Arts, Science, History, Physical Education and Mathematics. Wellbeing and Information Technology are integrated into the overall curriculum. 

From Year 7, girls also participate in Lauriston’s student wellbeing program ‘SHINE’ (Strength, Health, Inspire, Nurture and Engagement), providing the girls with the opportunity to consider topics including mindfulness, time management, organisation, study skills, relationships, resilience and emotional intelligence. 

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"Lauriston encourages students to develop their physical health but also their emotional health. It’s really multifaceted that the students are getting support from the academic side but also their personal and social-emotional learning."

― Caroline (OL 1988 & Current Parent)

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