Year 9 is different here

Lauriston's Year 9 Howqua campus is located in the Victorian High Country. It offers an extensive academic, pastoral and outdoor program for the entire school year.

For one year, students enjoy two homes. They live on the Howqua campus in eight blocks during the year. A typical term includes five weeks at Howqua, four days at home, four weeks at Howqua and then two weeks at home.

The environment provides a stunning backdrop for learning and development and the Academic Program is comprehensive, designed to build upon skills developed in Years 7 and 8. Reflective of the natural surroundings, lessons range from art classes held in the outdoor classroom to science classes taught on the banks of the Howqua River.

The Outdoor Program at Howqua is held across two dedicated days each week. The program includes hiking, mountain biking, rogaining, running, rock climbing, cross country, skiing, snowboarding, horse riding and much more. A unique Pastoral Program oversees students’ wellbeing.

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Technology use on-campus is restricted and apart from iPods and digital cameras, personal devices are not permitted. Girls communicate with their families via letters, and families have opportunities to visit the campus throughout the year.

On arrival at Howqua, girls are assigned to a Howqua House, a self-contained unit that they share with up to nine other girls. The girls self-manage their Houses under the supervision and direction of the dedicated on‑campus Howqua staff and become members of a large and vibrant residential community.

Campus facilities include a Health Centre, Dining Area, Performing Arts Centre and Library.

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